Writing: my life passion

I, personally, love writing. And I love writing my own stories, not essays that are being set by the school. Writing is just so… inspirational and fun! I guess I just got really used to it.

I started writing when I was about.. 5-6. My first stories were crappy and didn’t have much language behind it. But then again, I was only a child and those are the kind of things that I would expect from myself at that age. However, I think because I started writing at such an early age, I could see more and more of my mistakes and I finally have found my writing style. I prefer writing from a first point of view, because I feel that the reader will connect more with the character and feel more what they are feeling. However, I understand that every person is different in their own way and some may not prefer reading from a first point of view as they would feel too connected to the characters in the story.

Fun fact, I also prefer writing in Russian. I live in Australia, however, I am of a Russian background. Because I speak English all the time, apart from my home, I easily forget how to say certain words in Russian and sometimes, my grammar isn’t the best either. So, by writing in my native language, I am keeping it up as well as learning to use a lot of adjectives and grammar in my stories. Russian is a very beautiful and descriptive language, much more so than English. There are many more different adjectives to use and I find the flow of the language very beautiful as well.

I love writing with my friend when I visit Russia. We always help each other out and come up with ideas for each other’s stories, as well as give constructive criticism for everything that we have written. I miss being able to write with my friend often, because we do live on opposite sides of the world to each other. However, when I do come back, we always find time to see each other and are always happy to read each other’s work.

When I read my friend’s writing, I feel like mine isn’t as good. The language that she uses is so much more descriptive than mine, so I feel kind of jealous of her, but in a good way, if you know what I mean. But then, I think about how she’s lived in Russia all her life and I’ve moved away. My English language has become much more broad, but my Russian is also kept “up to date”.

If you feel like you want to start writing your own stories, do it! Even if you think you are not a good writer, making your own novels, poems, lyrics or whatever will make your imagination so much better! You would always come up with different ideas for books and all the characters or places that are taking part in your novel. I also find it very relaxing: once you have the motivation or the inspiration to write, the story and language just seem to flow so perfectly! You don’t really need to think what to write about next as it just “pours” out of you. However, if you are new to writing, I do advise to have some kind of plan to have a basic understanding of what you want to happen in your story. So a character and place plan would be a good idea, as well as, of course, your plot. You would want to come up with a good ending and a good beginning.

Finally, using the correct software is also very important. I prefer using Word on my PC, because I’ve just gotten used to it. But if you are using a Mac, you could also use TextEdit. It’s not as advanced as Word, but it just has a nice feel about it, because it is so simple to use. Another VERY good software that I have recently discovered is called Scrivener. It is available for both PCs and Macs and provides a very useful guidelines for all your future works, whether it is fiction, non-fiction or another document, it will provide you with a great writing guide. It has tabs for characters, places and parts, which all provide a plan. So all you have to do is let your imagination run wild and just write.

On that note, I’d like to say that writing broadens your language abilities, makes you feel free and independent because you are writing whatever YOU want, and is very good for your imagination. If you are writing or thinking of writing, it is a very good skill to have and, I think, keeping it up is very important.

Thank you for reading this massive blog, but as you now know, I am a writer so those kind of things are sort of expected from me. 😛 I hope you find my tips/stories useful and will continue or will start writing your own things.

MEOW! =^.^=

2 Replies to “Writing: my life passion”

  1. Can i suggest you to be precise. i also like writing, and sooner realized that if i have to write better, i have to write less words and mean it more. It help me draw more readers and it makes sense to write in less words. refer my posts to get the idea. regards

    1. Thank you so much!! 😀 This makes me really happy that you are reading my blog. 😀
      I usually do try to convey my ideas using less words but I am a writer and I guess I got inspired.. So I let my imagination roam free. 😀
      But thank you! I see what you are trying to say and I will do my best to write a little less. 🙂

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