Parents: The good and the bad times

Parents are great, really. If you think about it, they waste their time and money just to be able to raise you! They give you birth, provide education, food, water and shelter. Basically, all the essentials. They take us to school, take us to see our friends, take us to town, until we are old enough to do all of those things for ourselves. They help us through our tough times and are there to witness the happiness in our lives, like marriage or childbirth or whatever.

But sometimes, we fight with our parents. We get angry with them as they do with us. I sometimes think that I’m not wanted in the family. This is when I blame myself, because I am very lazy. I sometimes wish that I was a different person just so that I don’t cause my parents so much pain, stress, money, time, etc. I do wish that I wasn’t lazy. But, I guess, that is one of the life lessons that I have to be able to teach myself.

Back to the topic of parents… Sometimes, it also feels like they hate you and don’t want you in their family either. I think we all feel that way when we are angry: like we don’t want to be a part of something. I also think that it is natural to feel that way. When you or your parents are angry, they can say all kinds of things like: “I wish you were not here” or something else along those lines. At this point, you might feel as if they are right. Believe me, I’ve been there before. But what you need to understand is that, most of the time, they don’t mean it. When I say, most of the time, I mean that if your parents are responsible and take care of you, then they won’t mean it. I don’t know what kind of parents you guys have, so I don’t want to assume. šŸ™‚

What I’m trying to say here is that your parents will always love you, no matter what they might say or do to you. And I don’t mean bad things by saying “do”. What I mean are things like do the dishes, or wash the car, or do something else around the house. When they do that, they try to teach you about the world out there by teaching you self-discipline and how to take care of yourself. It’s because they care about you that they make you do things around the place, not because they are trying to be mean to you. I have understood that over the years and even though I may not show that sometimes, I know that I have it settled down in my mind.

So, fellow readers, next time you have a fight with your parents, try not to think about it. Listen to music, read a book, do something else that will distract you from it. You don’t want to say something that you will regret right after the fight, so I suggest that you go somewhere quiet and relax for a while. After a few minutes it may be a good idea to come out of that quiet place and go talk to your parents again.

The point is, they do love you no matter how bad the fight may have been or the way in which they expressed themselves. Hope this post has helped some of you. šŸ™‚ Leaving a comment and a like is always appreciated.

MEOW! =^.^=


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