Hello cat people!

I’m very sorry I haven’t been posting “daily” as my blog states. The reason being is that I have been away at my friend’s place this weekend and there was no internet.. -_- Not to say that it is a bad thing. I had fun with my friends and I hope you have been keeping yourselves entertained with other blogs. 😀

Anyway… Today I thought we could talk about parties, since I have just been to one. I’m not the type of person who gets invited to everyone’s parties at school. This is because I have a weird and fun group of friends who love each other, however, we are not popular. 😀 I’m fine with that though. 🙂

At parties there are usually quite a few different groups of people. There are those that like to get drunk, there are those who love to mix in with other people, and then there’s us – the anti-social group. We weren’t really anti-social, it’s just that we didn’t talk to other people apart from our little group. I usually find it easier to make an impression on people younger than me, when people are my age or are older than me, I just freak out a little and always forget what I wanted to say in the first place.

DJs are great, really. Their job is to go to parties and create lots of music and stuff like that. But when you try to request something completely out of the theme of the party, they just look at you like you are crazy! I mean, the DJ does say: “Give me a request!” But then, he’s all like, “Oh, sorry, this doesn’t fit the theme.” Why would you offer people to give him requests if he can’t even complete it? Honestly! But the looks he gave my friend and I when we requested a Christmas song at a “girls from the bush” themed party were absolutely hilarious! Then, we came back a bit later requesting My Heart Will Go On, which is when the DJ “spoiled the fun”.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is that parties are not everyone’s thing. There are a lot of people that prefer to get drunk, then there are people that love chatting and fitting in.. and then there’s us. The group that finds a group of friends that they are comfortable with. However, a lot of parties are fun because you just have a good time and do not feel out of place.

So next time you go to a party, whether you happen to be the “fitting in” or the anti-social person, do what you are comfortable with and not what everyone else tells you to do. You came to a party to have fun, but not to follow other people’s orders. 🙂

MEOW! =^.^=

P.S. More posts tomorrow, promise!


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