My friend’s writing <3

Hello cat people! So I know that this isn’t my usual “rant” blog, however, a friend has sent this to me on facebook and gave me permission to post this on my blog, which I appreciate greatly. ❤ Anyway.. please read this, because I honestly think that it is beautiful. I know that I have asked you to comment a lot on my previous posts about how you feel and stuff, bu this time it’s really important, because my friend might start his own blog if this gets enough likes and stuff. Please comment down below saying how good this is or what he can improve on (constructive criticism, dear ones). So, without further adue, here’s the post:

Hey, I have made up a poetic thing for life, not a poem, but I guess a little back up to the world. I’ve worked out there are two paths, they revolve around the sun, and the moon. Here, we have Diana and Leona, I’ll explain their point in life.
Leonas point is the protect the faith, and for me, that translates into protecting the good times, and not letting in the bad times.
She’s basically only looking at the surface of situation and will only follow what her tribe thinks. She’s a sheep, most people take the path of the sun these days. Diana, use to be part of that clam, but she wanted to do her own thing, and found the power of the moon to be more embracing, People who follow the path of the moon, such as myself, tend to think things though and look at all the points of a situation.It makes it harder for being to enjoy good times, but they see the truth behind the good. But the problem with this view is that the Sun outnumbers the moon. In Diana’s situation, she was a traitor to her tribe. Death was called upon her, and the moon spirits took her away. It’s a situation similar to my situation, if you ask me. Also, Leona and Diana are from League of Legends, but I made their story deeper.
Do you want to hear more? About the Earth, and how it functions? Let me start with the ocean.
The ocean, is a please where the surface appears to be very unappealing. It’s plain, and to be honest, people look at it as either being 1: too deep to discover anything interesting or 2: too much effort. People, that are however willing to look deep, will find the beauty of the ocean surface. The coral reef, the exotic ocean wildlife. It’s unique and intriguing. And only people like you and me know that.
Now let’s move onto the river. The river flows, and so do some people, I call them floaters. All they do is float with the popular crowd of people, and don’t say anything at all, and make no effort to break out of the norm. However, they get no punishment for this, they get accepted. These kinds of people annoy me to death, to be honest. Then, there is the breeze, the swift breeze.
That gently calms us down. They aren’t meaningful, but they are the type of people who exist to just be basic calming friend, and they do their role well.*******This is it! I hope you will like my friend’s work. If you do, please let me know in the comments or by simply liking this, we will both appreciate it. If this does get enough likes or whatever, he will think about creating his own blog, which I think is a great idea, honestly. So, I hoped you liked reading this. 🙂

MEOW! =^.^=

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