Human Rights

Hello cat people! So, human rights… What are they? They are ‘rules’ that allow people to be equal with one another around the world.

Basic right include things like: the right to be free, freedom of speech and also the right to be equally treated. These rules apply to people regardless of their race, culture, religion or sex. According to the UN (United Nations) there is a list of 30 basic universal human rights, which would probably mean that people would be able to live in peace and harmony with one another, right? Wrong.

If rights like food, water and shelter are available, then why are there thousands of people dying of starvation? If there is freedom of speech, then why are people being imprisoned because of voicing their opinions? If human rights were laws, there would be no wars.

One of the other rights is the right to love. But that’s not really a right since gay marriage is illegal in most countries.

So, if human rights are supposed to be universal, why don’t people follow them? They have to be made into laws for people to start ‘obeying’ to them. We need to have human rights to stay equal and peaceful, but how many more mistakes to humans need to make to understand that?

MEOW! =^.^=

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