Corruption: Written by ‘Stan’


Hello cat people! It’s been a while, but turns out, preparing for exams is much more hectic than I thought it would be. So, without further adue, here’s another post written by my friend ‘Stan’ a while ago. I hope you guys will like it! 😀

Corruption: Dishonest and Fraudulent conduct for those in power. This, is what taints the truth, what is making the situation of this worlds leaders more power hungry, and in most cases, Wielding. I find myself looking at all the decisions made by our people and it puts me in disgrace, mainly because the way they bring this points up are for their benefit and/or their religious/ Rights viewpoint. Many choices are being made, but I would like to tell a story about what might happen if we let this world continue the way it does, It’s about a young mistress, with a immense amount of power at her hand, both with society and in self defense and offense, but there is a right way to use power, and a wrong way, and you’ll find out how it all works. Syndra was a child born in Ionia, a remorse island that focused on culture that enhanced their view points of the cult of personality, the Elders, therefore, there was a small group of elders in each village who kept every in their control, so that no drastic events when and back fired onto their plans. There was always some mysterious about Syndra, but that was only the speculation of the village that she lived in, due to her silky grey hair, and her somewhat interesting eye shade of violet, but they had just thought, at the time, it was genetics. But Syndra was special, she held no boundaries and no one could stop her, she had her own authorities, therefore, compared to the mind controlled children at the young age of 5, she only paid attention to was inside her, her inner soul, where no one could control it, where no elder or follower of these cults could manipulate her views into something else. For in her mind, she thought of how corrupt the environment was, though at the time, this was only a speculation, nothing was confirmed in her mind, she just didn’t have trust in anything. Years past and it wasn’t until her youth when action, opinions that had run though Syndras mind since she had been introduced to this community that she had finally the power and the ability to express herself. Syndra had just been sent to a remote temple, due to her actions against her villegers residents, stating that they were all getting controlled and they should follow her view points, and not these “cowards”. All her life, she had waited to mention this, up until now, she had to listen to the repeated words of her fellow veteran. Though her verbal disagreements caused her departure, she did this on purpose to hide the power she wielded, but had not used, but if her plans of escaping this “new home” worked, whist hopefully learning more about these mystical power she had, maybe she could make a change for the better of this society. When she arrived at the temple, she was greeted by an elderly mage, but was told to just be the Land owner, but Syndra could tell by the way he introduced himself and the way he “tried” to cover up his real agenda was obvious, to her. When it was just the two of them, left in the ancient ruins of the temple. She questioned the reasons of his false image. Though he just said “You’re like every other person in this world, regardless of what you lead yourself to believe”, and from this day, she felt so forced into her mind set, something she never learnt in life, and The elderly mage taught her how to use the dark pulse that came from her hatred and anger for this world, and was able to use this power to express and explain her views to him. One day, after not being able to take to take her new lifestyle and couldn’t take the borders of being able to let out her power, she confronted the Sorceress and demanded a explanation for what had become of her, and to set her free of this craft. The old man admitted that he had tainted the way her mind functioned for he saw she was strong willed and so out of safety reasons, he put this restriction on her. Syndra was furious, and out o her angry for everything, the corruption of the people of Ionia, the restrictions of expression, and the cult retrials that she had to grow up with, she let out her power and unchained the spell that was cast on her. She pinned the man down and twisted his functioning heart, and stopped it, leaving him senseless on the ground, dead. She left the temple, but with a different will, she remembered when she was a child, and her ambitions to just express, not take actions, but she was oblivious then, and now, she must destroy this worlds viewpoint, and manipulate it into her own cult community. That day, she set off to destroy the weak and pathetic leaders of Ionia, and to collect start her ruling of this land. Syndra changed a lot though her time, like some of us do. When we’re young, some of us take more interest in detail than others, whilst others will just over look it, as time goes by, we take drastic actions towards what’s happening that leaves us in a situation of being an out cast. In Syndras case, that left her only soul purpose to live was to take over Ionia and to control it into something that only she wanted, though when she was young, she wanted it to be a benefit to all of us. Sometimes, we mean at first intention to make the enviorment that we’re in better for all of us, but in most cases, we change to make it a delight for us, but never having to look at over view points of others, much like the leaders that rule earth, no matter how much we say, protest, say or do, they will always get the final say, and sometimes, i wonder if they really do give a damn about our views. Hopefully, want day, if it ever happens, we’ll be able to find a better way to let the earth function.


And… That’s it! It’s based of LoL (League of Legends) characters and he’s put in a low of work into it! Anyway, another post coming soon! Love you all.

MEOW! =^.^=

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