Hello my wonderful and committed cat people! Once again, very sorry about the lack of posts lately.. I haven’t had the inspiration or much time to write lately, but here’s a thing that I’d like to share with you.

Everyone has feelings for someone, right? Whether it be the feeling of close friendship or love. But what is a feeling? It can be something that is expressed when you are happy, it’s like a possession but so much more. It is something that cannot be replaced and it’s what separates humans from every other creature on this planet, feelings make each and every one of us unique. However, what do you feel like when someone has feelings for you?

That can depend on the feelings that you have towards them. If they are mutual, then you say, “Sure, let’s be more than friends!” But what if they aren’t and what if the confession isn’t exactly what you expected it to be like? How do you react?

It feels awkward, to have a close friend to tell you that they like you.. and that the feeling isn’t mutual. But that shouldn’t stop you from shutting them down altogether, because if you are close to someone, no matter how awkward it would be, you should still keep in as much contact as you can. It wouldn’t be the same, of course, but just try to act like nothing’s happened between you.

Some things are meant to be and some aren’t, feelings are a part of that. Some people or friends supposed to have feelings for each other and some aren’t, but that is just the beauty of life and the beauty if figuring out what to do with the people around you and figuring out what feelings you’ve got for every single one of them.

MEOW! =^.^=
P.S. More posts soon and I hope you like my Christmasy theme ^.^


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