Day 1: A day of flying

Hello cat people!

Today is the day, the day I leave to Russia! Yay! 😀 I’m super excited to see everyone!!! But the thing that I’m not really looking forward to is flying for a day.. If you’ve ever been on a plane from Australia to Russia, you’ll know what I’m talking about 😛 it’s just very tiring and disorientating. On the plane, they switch off all the lights and people shut all the blinds. So whenever you wake up, it’s either the middle of the night or very early in the morning. And you can only tell what time it is when the air hostess kindly asks you what you would like to eat. Then you physically have to wake up and mumble something that you would want to eat.. Haha 😀

I thought that today I would tell you my flight path??? I’m probably not going to be able to post tomorrow, because I’ll be on the plane, but I’ll make sure to include my log of “adventures” for tomorrow and maybe the day after?? I don’t know 😀 (let me know in the comments below whether you would be happy with that?)

So, I first fly to Melbourne, and thankfully it’s not a very long flight, about an hour from where I live 🙂 then comes the very long one to Abu-Dhabi: 14 hours guys!! Lots of movie watching for me 😉 and then from there I fly to Russia, which would take me about 5 hours. All those flying hours plus the wait adds up to a whole day (or more) of travelling.. Haha 😀

But it’s not all that bad, I’m really looking forward to New Year’s, because that’s like Christmas in America, Britain or Australia, it’s the best holiday ever! >< I'm also looking forward to playing some games on my Xbox, seeing my friends and family, blogging heaps of stuff to you guys, getting my braces off (after 4 years :'D), going to London and also downloading some movies and TV shows, haha 😀 so yeah, my holiday is going to be pretty packed! I'll also try to stalk some YouTubers in London, I guess I'll tell you if I see any of my favourite British beauties ❤

Today consisted of pretty much packing and eating and also watching some Pirates of the Caribbean, because I'm cool like that 😉 I also spent some time on YouTube, because it's great, I think I love it too much.. 😀 ❤

Several good things that happened to me today we're getting Christmas presents from my mum! 😀 I got a onesie thing, I'm saying "thing" because it's not one of those fluffy ones, but I still love it! I might post a photo of it tomorrow?? And I also got my favourite Japanese desert, Mochi. It is the greatest thing ever! :'D if you know how good it tastes, like this post 😉

Anyway, can't wait to tell you guys all about what happened to me on my flights and stuff tomorrow! I'm actually really enjoying this and I hope you will enjoy sharing my adventures with me too! I love you all. ❤
MEOW! =^.^=



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