Day 2: I’m here!!

Hello cat people!

It’s Day 2 of my wonderful adventures, so far so good 🙂

It is currently a quarter to 10 at night, I’m pretty tired and jet-lagged, so I thought I had better update you on my trip so far.

Yesterday I got on the plane to Melbourne and had to wait there for 4 hours, which was kind of a pain. I think I went around all the book and souvenir shops there. I also managed to knock over quite a few stationery items at Smiggle, I’m surprised I wasn’t kicked out… 😀 Despite all the trouble I caused, it was pretty fun roaming around the airport and finally having 2 Krispy Kreme donuts, god I love Melbourne! ❤

After that, I went to board my flight, went through security and all that other stuff. So I wait at my gate for ages and when the boarding comes, I go into the line for the people to check my passport and boarding pass and stuff (did that make sense?:P). As the people scanned it, the thing went red, so I was there in the corner crapping myself. Then the people printed me out a new ticket and the seat number then was 7K. So there I was thinking I was going to be sitting in an absolute, excuse my language, shithole, then I come into the airplane and BAM, I’m in Business Class. I mean, what? That kind of stuff NEVER happens to me, so I was really surprised and happy. I got fed really well and I could even choose to have a bed “made” out of my seat. I mean, come on! For a 14 hour flight, it wasn’t bad at all. So that was a definite highlight of my day!

The next flight to Russia wasn’t anything special really, I slept a lot I guess? Haha 😀 It was nice though, I watched Despicable Me 2 and I was really happy, so yeah!

And now I’m in my home in Russia, on really fasst internet, downloading a game called Perfect World. If you know what I’m talking about, it’s the most addictive shit ever. Had to re-install it though because of the old client version and stuff like that… -_-

Earlier today I also managed to visit my orthodontist. And I know that you might think that it’s crazy having an orthodontist here, while I can have one in Australia. Well, my mum and I tried that, but it took us 6 months just to have one appointment, after which my orthodontist said to come back in about 3 months with the photos of my teeth. She was also going to rip my teeth out, so mum and I decided it wasn’t worth it. I got my teeth done here in 3 days, come on Australia! 😀

Anyway, that was my day. Let me know if this is a good length blog or if I should post more. I’m probably going to be posting these at the end of my day, which will be about 8 or 9pm my time. So you’ll have a fresh entry to read in the morning ^.^ I love you all and I’ll see you tomorrow!

MEOW! =^.^=

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