Quick update

Hello my lovely cat people!

Very sorry about lack of posts! I know that I haven’t finished my travel log series, but I’ve been busy packing the last day and then I was flying back home for a whole day, sooo…

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Also, wanted to mention that I’ll be working on some short stories very soon! I’ve got a lot of good ideas and I can’t wait to share them with you! 😀 I’ll probably be posting a short story once every two weeks for now, due to studies and stuff. I’ll try my best to keep to the schedule and try and make my stories as good as possible! Also, if you have a preferred “length” or a genre or whatever else you think of, please let me know!! Otherwise I won’t really know if you guys will like my new “series” or not. 🙂

That’s all for today, I love you all! ❤ don't forget about your suggestions on anything with the short stories and LIKE this if you would like me to write about my last day in Russia. 🙂

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Day 35&36: Getting my braces off and seeing the Hobbit

Hello my lovely cat people! Another highlights post.

So the day before yesterday the highlights of my day were going to the movies with my friend to see the Hobbit, getting paper crowns from Burger King and wearing them around the mall, whilst counting all the weird looks that we got from people. 😀

Yesterday, getting my braces off was amazing!!! I got super excited and took lots of selfies. Also meeting my nanny/house cleaner was super exciting!

That’s about it, sorry about it being so short but I hope you enjoyed nevertheless. I love you all and if you want me to post some stories later on, please like this post so that I can see who would be interested in reading it. ❤

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Day 33&34: Games and Dentist

Hello my lovely cat people! So sorry about the lack of posts, but here’s another highlights post, so I hope you like it.

So the highlights were watching a bunch of movies, chatting to my friend on Facebook and planning a huge movie night, playing some games and downloading some movies. Also, reading Writers’ Block, which was very helpful, and trying to write some stuff of my own last night. Also, going to my orthodontist and finding out that I’m going to get my braces off this week was an absolute favourite highlight of my day today. 😀

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That’s it really, I’ll try to post more things on time soon. I love you all! ❤

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Day 32: Theatre

Hello my lovely cat people! Here’s another post, let me know if you like this layout by LIKING this post, it’ll help me out a lot. Thanks:)

So the highlights were playing my game again with my friends, watching YouTube videos, and meeting my best friend again to go see a theatre performance about a certain historical period. It was so funny! We loved it a lot. Also, I was reading a lot at night, Pulman, I love you. If you haven’t read His Dark Materials (Golden Compass the movie was based off this book), do so now! It is brilliant and so interesting! I’m loving it a lot:)

That’s about it! I’ll try and post another one on time today, I love you all! ❤

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Day 31: Fire alarm and flying home

Hello my lovely cat people! So I’ve decided to change things up a bit with my set out, going to do quick highlights instead of describing my WHOLE day to you guys. Hope you will like it. 🙂

So, the highlights were definitely having a funny can driver on the way to the airport, having a fire alarm going off at the airport, sitting in Business Class with dad and eating yummy food, playing some games and watching Arrow after I got back. (For those of you who haven’t seen it, it was amazing! You should definitely watch it!)

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Day 30: Another highlights post

Hello my lovely cat people! So because it’s getting quite late and we’ve got an early start tomorrow, in going to post a quick highlights thing today.

So the highlights were definitely visiting the City of London, as well as the beautiful Globe theatre. We had a tour there, which was spectacular! Then we went to Regent Street into the Apple Store, but then also walked around it. After we just caught a train back to our apartment block.

Another highlight was watching YouTube videos and having my final dinner in London with dad where we discussed my possible career choices. Settled kind of on writer, but the movie or TV shows type, not like a journalist. So yeah, small or script writing would be fun.

London was amazing and I have loved it so much! It has literally been one of the best trips away with dad ever! So many places that we’ve seen in 5 days, incredible! I would definitely like to come back here some day. That’s it for my day really, I love you all and I hope you have enjoyed my journey to London with me. Tomorrow I’m going to be travelling all day with dad, so won’t get home until about 11-12, so I might not post tomorrow, I’ll see how I go. ❤

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Day 28&29: Quick highlights

Hello my lovely cat people! Sorry about the lack of posts lately, but we’ve been super busy exploring all of London, and we’re super tired. Anyway, I don’t have much time, so I’m just going to write a quick highlights post.

So yesterday we went to Tower, Abbey Road, Baker Street and Piccadilly Circus to buy some souvenirs and stuff for my friends. Took a lot of pictures of people on Abbey Road, which was funny:) took some pictures with the ER guards at Tower, also with wax statues of Moriarty, Sherlock and Watson at the Sherlock Holmes museum. Very fun!

The day before yesterday dad and I went to Soho and China town. That was a short trip, but also very fun as we got to see a whole different part of London and buy some presents for my friends:) after we just went back to our apartments and I watched a lot of movies, after which I read some books and went to bed.

So that’s about it! Hopefully I won’t be too tired to write a post today. I love you all and I’ll try and write about my day later on! ❤

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