Day 17&18: More swimming

Hello my lovely cat people! So, after I have finally waited for Sherlock to air on the night of the 1st, I have finally got to see it and it was soo good!!! I really liked the episode! My friend and I also managed to spoil pretty much the whole episode on a Facebook status that I made. I’m pretty sure everyone hates us now;)

After that, I went to sleep and woke up and started talking about Sherlock, as you guys recall. I went for a swim twice on the 2nd, I think, so I was really tired! I went to sleep quite late though, because dad, his girlfriend and her son with his wife were watching Meet the Parents. It was great but it ended quite late at night, so after that I went to sleep. My dad caught a cold, which kind of sucks, but he’s going to get over it, I know him πŸ™‚

Because my aunt was going to leave yesterday, we have thrown her a little concert, which kind of didn’t work out because I was shying out and stuff.. But it was fun and it was a good way to say bye to her.

Yesterday was also ordinary, woke up rather late though! I played some of the game that I downloaded the night before called Bastion. I love it so much! Such great music and artwork and everything, I love it! πŸ˜€

Went swimming again. We were expecting some guests, but dad’s girlfriend cancelled it at the last minute, because there was too much pressure on her of taking care of everyone.. So it’s kind of sad but understandable.. ;(

Also watched Meet the Fockers last night, it was even worse than the first one with all the references… God…

And then I went to bed and started watching Elementary, it’s getting soooo good!!! I love it a lot!

So that’s about it for both of my days. Hopefully I’ll be able to post ON TIME with today’s post. (I know right?) I love you all and I’ll provide you with another post later today! ❀

MEOW! =^.^=


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