Day 21: Going back home

Hello my lovely cat people! So I was a little bit late to start writing this post, but whatever.. You guys will probably be happy to read it now, I hope?:)

So today was the day that I went back home! It’s exciting as well as a bit sad, because I really do enjoy spending time with dad. We always seem to have a lot of fun and I love him very much. 🙂

It was pretty ordinary today, after watching Sherlock I went to bed and read Sherlock Holmes. I just can’t seem to get enough:3 anyway, I had breakfast and stuff after I woke up rather early in the morning. After that I just packed my stuff and off we went. We also got a chance to pick up an SD card for my camera, finally, so I could take photos and film some stuff:) I might tell you guys later about my other projects. All in good time:)

After dad dropped me off at my apartment, he went off to work, and I went off to play the game that I haven’t played for over a week. It was exciting to be back, although that wasn’t all that I was doing;) I installed the Nikon photo and movie editor, as well as the panorama maker 6. I tried to edit some photos and videos today, that was really fun!

I also watched some Elementary today, finished season 1 in fact! So excited I finally have, it was such a great episode! 😀 Also talked to my family back in where I live, was really excited to chat to them over Skype!

Dad said that he will pick me up on the 10th of December, so then the real adventure shall begin! 😀 I’ll definitely try not to miss any dates, because we’ll probably be visiting lots of places and I don’t want to forget about what we did each day! So anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quick post, I love you all and I’ll see you tomorrow! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

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