Day 22: Back to gaming

Hello my lovely cat people! Who would’ve thought that I would actually post this on time? ;D

Today was pretty ordinary. My grandma’s friend left the apartment today. I’m not even sure how long she stayed for.. Haha 😀 But judging by the amount of stuff she had, probably about a week. So I’m assuming that grandma and her had fun. 🙂

I watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special, finally, and I cried so much!;( it was very emotional and I couldn’t deal with the thought of Matt Smith not being there anymore. I didn’t like him when he first started it, because I loved David Tennant at the time, and I still do, don’t get me wrong.:) But I’ve grown to like Matt Smith and after I watched the Comic Con panel and the Nerd HQ stuff, I completely fell in love with him. Like, seriously, he will be the cutest thing ever to me. ❤

Moving on, watched Orphan today, freaked out a lot. Not because it was scary or anything, but because it was so intense! Didn't think there'd be such a twist ending to it! I was also feeling sorry for the kids who agreed to be filmed in the movie, because they had to be filmed in some pretty brutal scenes. So I was thinking whether it would mentally scar them or not? Anyway, I won't spoil the movie, however, if you haven't watched it yet and you like horror movies a lot, I'd highly recommend it. It's really well filmed!

Played more if my game today, yay! It was exciting! Did that until about dinner time. And after that, after my grandparents and their friend went to a train station to say bye and stuff, I was doing something for my project, which I might tell you guys about soon:) If it goes well, I'll tell it to you even sooner, so excited about it!

So now I'm editing the stuff that I did, and hopefully, it will be done soon. That's about it for my day today, I hope you enjoyed this post and I love you all! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=


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