Day 27: Getting our luggage back and exploring London

Hello my lovely cat people! Today has literally been one of the best days of my life. It was so surreal walking around London, it was so beautiful! Anyway, today after dad and I had breakfast and got ready, we straight away went to our underground train stop, Gloucester, and went to see Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. It was so beautiful to actually be there, because I’ve only ever read about it in books at school. After that, went to see Big Ben as it is right next door, after which we went to the Trafalgar Square.

After staying there for a while, we went to have a cup of coffee, and then went to St James’ Park and the Buckingham Palace, where I got to take a selfie with a Royal Guardsman. Program complete, we can go back now. ❤ just kidding. It was amazing being near the Queen's house, and not just some Queen, but the English one. I mean, that is just so unreal!! Still can't believe it..

After that, we went all the way around the palace and gone up to the Piccadilly Line and went all the way around to Piccadilly Circus, after going through like the biggest book shop ever, Waterstone. Dad and I literally spent hours in there! It was like heaven for me ❤

After that, we caught a train back to our hotel and went to have a rest before going to dinner. We started to get excited about the season finale of Sherlock, which was totally worth the wait! I felt clever that I guessed the main storyline, don't worry, no spoilers included:) started watching a movie called The Woman in Black with the one and only Daniel Radcliffe. I really like it so far, although the amount of jump scares is surreal.

After going to dinner to a nearby steakhouse, we got our bags back!! It feels so good to finally have our clothes with us, I missed them ❤

Anyway, after getting back from dinner, dad and I sat down to watch Sherlock, however, it ended up being just me because dad couldn't understand it:P it was superior, although the writers played with my feelings </3

That's about it for my day guys, it was super exciting! I love you all and if you have any photo requests post them in the comments below and I'll try to get a picture of something that you requested while I'm here. ❤

MEOW! =^.^=


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