Day 30: Another highlights post

Hello my lovely cat people! So because it’s getting quite late and we’ve got an early start tomorrow, in going to post a quick highlights thing today.

So the highlights were definitely visiting the City of London, as well as the beautiful Globe theatre. We had a tour there, which was spectacular! Then we went to Regent Street into the Apple Store, but then also walked around it. After we just caught a train back to our apartment block.

Another highlight was watching YouTube videos and having my final dinner in London with dad where we discussed my possible career choices. Settled kind of on writer, but the movie or TV shows type, not like a journalist. So yeah, small or script writing would be fun.

London was amazing and I have loved it so much! It has literally been one of the best trips away with dad ever! So many places that we’ve seen in 5 days, incredible! I would definitely like to come back here some day. That’s it for my day really, I love you all and I hope you have enjoyed my journey to London with me. Tomorrow I’m going to be travelling all day with dad, so won’t get home until about 11-12, so I might not post tomorrow, I’ll see how I go. ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

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