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Hello my lovely cat people!

So after I’ve finally gotten an idea, I’ve written the first chapter of this short story! This is a very rough sketch, I’m very tired, so if you find it weird or confusing, let me know. I might just edit it in the morning… 😛 Also, if you have a suggestion for the name of this series, post them down in the comments. Obviously, any other suggestions are also accepted. 🙂 I love you all and I hope you enjoy! ❤

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~Chapter 1~

Did you know that according to a poll conducted by the Gallop Organisation, 10% of Americans say they have communicated with the devil? Well, this is a story about one of them.

My name is Alex Harper and before this day, I was a regular college student with regular teenage problems of having very little or no friends, nothing to wear, and no one to go to prom with at the end of high school. I think I might’ve been the only person to go to the evening without a date… It was quite embarrassing.

Most of the time, people don’t notice me, they just walk by and continue doing regular human things. The only occasion in which I do have human interaction is when it is required to do so at school, for example, on Science experiments. I know what you might be thinking, like, what about a group of friends? You see, I came to this school at a very late stage, as I moved from Los Angeles to Boston. All the friends that I did have were left behind, so the only way of communication was exchanging various Facebook messages on some nights. However, that didn’t last for long, as all of them have moved on with their daily lives and completely forgot about “that other friend” they had. So yes, life through high school was quite terrible and uneventful. While everyone was going to parties and doing other fun, and sometimes illegal, things, I’d stay at home studying. This is why I am one of the best academical students of my school, so usually, I talk to my peers when they ask for help or when they tease me and are trying to bully me into doing their homework for them. But, after doing some counselling, I learned how to stand up for myself, even if it was just a little.

So, I hope you’ve guessed that I’m currently unemployed and also single. The only social thing that I do every week is talk to my parents and go shopping for necessities, such as clothing and food. Although, sometimes, on my shopping trips, I quickly realise that all that money I spent wasn’t needed to be spent and I start feeling terrible about myself. My parents are very generous in giving me a fair amount of their earnings. As well as paying for one of the most prestigious colleges in Boston, they also manage to put money on my credit card and buy me various other great presents on special occasions, like birthdays or Christmas. My parents are quite famous movie and book critiques, so they get to meet many of the stars in shows. Sometimes, they would Skype me and ask if I would want to come do an interview with a famous person. Any normal person would surely jump at any given opportunity just to meet a celebrity and be on everyone’s TV screens. However, having depression prevents me from doing so. I mean, it’s not like I’m missing out on much, right? I know it sounds stupid, but mum and dad have always been generous in organising these interview opportunities for me every month. And since I’m studying acting and television related subjects, it is very good experience for me. 

Before today, I have never even thought that I would be able to communicate with a person of an opposite sex to me. It was quite a strange experience for me, normally all guys avoid any sort of contact with me, because they think that I’m too much of a nerd. I always want to prove them wrong, but I seemed to have lost my ability to stand up to people in the past few months. 

He came out of nowhere, I’m not kidding! I was looking over to my right shoulder as I was walking along through a park near my apartment block. I saw a couple of runners with headphones in their ears, and then a few people walking their dogs. But then, this guy has suddenly appeared sitting on a bench. I was staring at him for a while, which is when he looked over to me and smiled. Usually, I wouldn’t react, I’m used to people looking at me, I mean, it’s fairly common. But his eyes were just so… dreamy, that I desperately wanted to feel like a Disney princess and leap into his arms, then maybe sing a duet about how love saves everything. But then, I remembered that I had to stop looking at strangers, because, one: it’s very creepy; and two: I had a class to get to. And so I left, without saying hello to possibly the cutest looking boy in the whole universe.

“Why did you leave?” the boy whispered in my right ear as he came up behind me. I jerked and turned around quickly. His hands were casually resting in the side pockets of his black denim jeans. His grey shirt was gently flowing in the breeze and was unbuttoned, I could see a white T-shirt underneath. The breeze also spread the smell of his cologne. Since I’m not very good at picking out what brand the cologne itself is, I went more with the smell, which was the typical scent that all the males in our college prefer to wear. I get quite sick of it, but somehow, his cologne was slightly different. “I didn’t even get a chance to tell me your name,” the guy winked, gently pulling away his dark brown fringe from his face. My hair was going crazy in the wind as well, but I liked it that way. I looked down to the concrete tiles and wanted to leave. However, the guy’s red converses caught my attention and I looked up, shyly. 

“Um… I’m… hi, you’re gorgeous,” I felt stupid right after I said it. My cheeks went red and I turned around and started to leave. His warm hand grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. He had the biggest grin on his face, however, he didn’t say anything. So I continued, “Alex… Alex Harper.”

The stranger reached his fingers to my chin and lifted it up. As I was staring right into his eyes, I noticed that they changed colour from blue to a slight tinge of grey. I didn’t give it any thought though, a lot of people wear contacts. 

“I’m Lucifer, but call me Luc,” he leaned down towards my right cheek and kissed it, his lips were cold, I could feel the shivers going down my spine and arms. Luc noticed and smiled. The smell of his cologne started to become weak as he leaned closer to my ear, whispering ever so slightly, “Time to wake up, sweetie. Time to stop dreaming,” and at that moment, my stupid alarm went off and I had to go to college.

Yes, okay, meeting that guy was a dream… But it felt so real! His touch and the smell of his cologne..! When I woke up, I would’ve sworn that I could smell his cologne on my pillow. But me having depression and all, it is quite common for me to have hallucinations. So, after assuming this was another of my “crazy episodes” I went on with getting ready. 

But I really did meet the devil that day, you know? 

That’s it! I’ll try and post one by next week. 🙂


Hello my lovely cat people!

So I have not yet received any comments on my previous post… Which is slightly disappointing to me. I’m trying to upload on time for you guys on something that I’m passionate about and I’m not receiving any response. I understand that some of you are not writers, but even simple words like a location, or a drink, or an activity could really help me out! Any kind of idea would be really helpful to me and I would really appreciate if you guys helped me! I am supposed to upload my short story today, but I’d rather take some more time and give you guys something good to read, rather than rush it.

PLEASE COMMENT down below for ideas, anything is accepted (within reason).

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Hello my lovely cat people!!

So this is the first time I’m doing this, but since I’m trying to keep up to my set schedule, I would like you to help me. I know that I said that I have a lot of ideas for short stories, they don’t seem to be working out. So, if you could help me by voicing out your idea, it would be greatly appreciated. It will be credited, of course, so don’t worry about that! And it would also be a great way to involve you guys!! I’ll try and think of a way to thank the person with the best idea, I’ll see how I go. 🙂

Anyway, I hope that you’ll be able to partake in this “offer”, I love you all! ❤

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Can’t sleep

Hello my lovely cat people!!

Don’t you hate the feeling of not being able to sleep? For some reason, whenever you stay up till late, you always sleep well until the time that you have to wake up. But when you actually go to sleep early, you wake up at a ridiculous hour only to find out that your head is full of quite useless thoughts and wants to share them with you.

So here’s me, not sleeping, obviously… And I have school in the morning, kill me now.

You also try to occupy yourself with boring or relaxing things so that you feel like sleeping. However, that also doesn’t seem to help. So I’ve just been browsing every single social media website I can find on my phone.. Yay.

Also, wanted to inform you guys that I’m currently working on a short story! If all goes well, it shall be posted on here in two weeks time. 🙂 shall keep you all posted! If you have any ideas, post them here, would appreciate your help. 🙂 I love you all! ❤

Sleep well!


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