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Sorry for the delay, but this chapter is up and ready to go! Sorry that it’s a bit short, but if this gets enough support, I’ll try as hard as I can for you all to upload the next chapter tomorrow, as I haven’t started working on it just yet. I hope this can get some love, I worked hard on this. 🙂


Chapter 3

The day has come… The day of presents, cake and surprises… my birthday. I haven’t always liked birthdays much,, because they make me feel old. And since I always wanted to stay young, it didn’t really make me feel any better. The constant attention and surprises weren’t that great either, they were kind of scary. I always remember my mother throwing me a giant surprise party on the week of my birthday. And I always remember coming home from school and getting a huge fright from the “SURPRISE!” shout from all of my friends. But that was back when I actually had friends, back in Los Angeles. I remember my mum throwing me huge parties with lots of punch (non-alcoholic, of course) and clowns and other fun things. But now I live in the dorm rooms, so I can’t really throw parties, because I’d have to clean up the mess myself. Today is my 18th birthday and I’m going to spend it alone… This is going to be a great day!..

To be honest, I was afraid of coming out of my room. My “cell mate” has already left to do some private study in the library. I, however, was not committed to doing such an act. Today was the day when I didn’t want any unnecessary attention drawn to me. This is not only because it is my birthday, but also because it is my 18th birthday. It has become traditional in our college to ask someone “out” on their 18th and see what happens. Since I’m one of the quietest girls, unlike the others, I have no experience whatsoever in that area. So I’m going to feel threatened and alarmed and… who knows what else!

I heard a gentle knock on my door.

“Hello?” there was no answer. “You can come in, the door’s open,” as the door opened slowly, creaking, I saw a tall male figure standing in the middle of it, breathing heavily. As always, this guy preferred to wear black clothes: denim jeans and a denim shirt. However, he also wore a white T-shirt and red converses. As I recognised who this person was, I came in closer and touched him on the shoulder, “Luc? Are you okay?”

His head jerked up to look at mine, his eyes were pale grey and the rest of the space was pitch black. His teeth had become longer and sharper, which reminded me of a vampire.

“Hey, um… I like your contacts and your teeth… Did that take a lot of time?” Luc didn’t answer. I started rubbing my eyes in disbelief, I started to question whether I was dreaming. When I opened my eyes again, Luc was still there, breathing heavily. But when he looked up, his eyes were bright blue and his teeth were pearl white, not sharp. He was back to normal… and I was an idiot. “I am so sorry… I must’ve been an idiot to—“

“Don’t call yourself that!” Luc came in close to me for a hug. As he wrapped his arms around me suddenly, I didn’t know how to react or what to do. So instead of doing the same, I just patted him on the back and that was that… I didn’t even know what to call that. “You are everything but an idiot,” he smiled, putting a bit of loose hair behind my ear. “Anyway… I was told it is your birthday. And a very special one,” Luc smirked. Here’s the attention I’ve been afraid of.

“Yes… sadly,” there was a moment of silence. “Please don’t ask me to have sex with you, I’m not ready and—“ Luc started laughing, he was holding on to my shoulders and I could feel his body trembling. He stood there, at the door, smiling at me with the biggest grin on his face. I felt so awkward, my cheeks started to blush.

“You are so naive,” Luc grinned. At that moment, I had a strange sense of deja-vu… “I was just going to give you a little something, so I was hoping that you would receive it. Although, you can chuck it out if you don’t like it, I don’t mind,” at that moment, something cold fell into my hand. As Luc moved his hand away, I could see a long silver chain with a blue eye attached to it. I was confused, Luc saw that and came in closer, reaching out his hands to me, “May I?” I nodded and he gently took the necklace from my hand. I lifted my hair up, and as he was putting the jewellery around me, I could feel his warm hands on my neck. After Luc finished, he stared at it for a while, “Actually, I’ve changed my mind, you can’t give it back,” I was confused again, “It looks good on you,” Luc smiled and reached out one hand towards me. He put it behind my head and pulled in to kiss my forehead. His lips were warm and I could smell his cologne even more.

Luc started to head out of the door, “Happy birthday. I’ll see you in class, Alex,” he smiled and left.

In confidence, I put on my favourite brown cardigan and headed out to class. For the first time in a long time, I was ready and excited about what other things will happen on my first day of being 18. I felt confident and happy, Luc was definitely something and I couldn’t wait to find out more about him.


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A-to-Z Blogging Challenge

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I have recently discovered a blogging challenge, which starts in April this year. As you can see from the title, it’s called the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge. You have to blog everyday, except Sundays, all through April, about things relating to the letters of the alphabet, starting with A and finishing with Z. You can read more about it here:

I’m going to try and attempt this, so expect some cool blogs coming up soon. 🙂 If you want to try this with me, LIKE the post so that I can follow you and read your posts as well. I’ll try and plan out what each letter is going to stand for, so to anyone attempting – good luck! If I don’t post everyday, expect a chapter for my short story on that day. 🙂 The 3rd one should be coming out tomorrow, if you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s on my blog, so you can go read it.

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It’s not going to be very long, but rather going to be a question-type post. So, what have you guys been pondering about lately? Is it why we’re alive? Or is it something less serious like, do unicorns exist? (I mean, of course they do.. :P)

Anyway, let me know down in the comments! Sorry this wasn’t a long post, but I feel like I need to involve my followers more in my posts. So do let me know, I’ll be answering all of your lovely comments if there are any! 🙂

Also, I’ve noticed that my blog has been growing quite a lot and I just wanted to remind everyone that when we hit 100 followers, I’ll do a giveaway. I’m not using this for likes or for anything else, I just feel like it would be a nice thing to do to thank all of you guys for the support you’ve given me for the past few months. It’s been really lovely to see my blog growing and so many of you liking my posts, it gives me ideas about what to write and what not to write, as well as what you guys might enjoy more. So I hope you’ll be sharing some of your thoughts on pondering down in the comments. I love you all~! ❤

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Something different

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So, this year is going to be a time for change. And I thought that I should change something too, for example, the things that I write about. I prefer to write about something that is not real, since it doesn’t have to make much sense. With detective novels or stories, for example, everything has to connect, which can be quite difficult sometimes. So, today, I’m going to try and write about a couple in a restaurant and why they are sitting there and how they got there, etc. So, because I’m still working on with the 3rd chapter from my story, I thought this could keep you guys busy with something. 🙂 I also hope you’ve been giving some love to the re-blogged posts from other talented bloggers out there. If you haven’t already, check out the posts from 19th March, should have some good stuff there. Make sure to read their other work, because they are super talented!

Anyway, here’s the story. I love you all~! ❤


A man, of a rather young age and strong figure, was sitting by himself in Madison Restaurant, located in the city of London. It was a warm summer night and that man has decided to sit on the rooftop of the restaurant to enjoy the warm summer breeze running through his curly hair and past his cheeks. He liked how it felt on his skin, it made him feel alive. He kept looking at his watch, he was agitated. His girlfriend Stacy wasn’t showing up for half an hour already, this made him think that she wasn’t coming… Just when he thought the timing was perfect…

“Another drink?” the barman came up close to the lone man in a suit, wiping the bench and then the glasses. The man looked up and tried to choose a drink from the menu, but couldn’t decide, so he just shook his head. “Don’t worry, man, these things happen,” after that, the barman walked off.

Suddenly, the man felt a hand squeezing his left shoulder. He turned around and saw a familiar face, although he couldn’t think of a name straight away, the man was getting quite drunk.

“Peter, what a surprise to see you here!” from his voice, Peter could tell that the man who came up to him was excited. After which, Peter came to a conclusion that they haven’t seen each other for a while. “Don’t you remember me?” Peter decided not to answer. “I’m Ray, we used to go to High School together! Can you remember some of the things we did?” Even though the name did ring a bell, Peter’s High School experience was a blur. He didn’t want to remember much of it, because it seemed boring to him. He’s only finished studying at university a few years ago, so thinking about school experiences now seemed queer. The man had a black brief case and a laptop bag, which he carried around all the time. He is a well employed lawyer and finished with good marks at Harvard University, after which, Peter decided to move to London to see his family more often. So far, he’s been enjoying living in this city. It has an “ancient” feel to it – not many of the buildings were reconstructed.

Peter hasn’t answered for a while and kept looking at his watch every five minutes. It’s been almost an hour since his date with Stacy was supposed to start. Where was she?

The awkward silence was killing Ray, so he started talking about his family and friends. He mentioned his work briefly, from which Peter assumed he didn’t like it very much. He said that he hasn’t met anyone special in his life yet, after which he glanced over at a red box to the right of Peter. Ray was silent for a while, as he was trying to understand what was happening. Once the pieces of the puzzle fit, the man said, quietly,

“My God… Who’s the lucky woman?”

“The one that hasn’t shown up…” He turned around on his chair and faced the entrance to the restaurant. It was getting darker and the lights around the rooftops were lighting up. As the sun was setting, the sky changed from blue to shades of pink and orange. For some strange reason, Peter started thinking of ice-cream, which made him slightly hungry.

He glanced over at the door: a woman in a red dress had entered with a small purse and a mirror in her hands. She opened it up and checked to make sure that there wasn’t anything wrong with her look. After she was done, the mirror was put into the purse, and she started looking around for someone. Peter had hoped that it was him, Stacy had finally shown up. He raised his arm quickly and started waving towards her. Stacy still didn’t notice him.

After a short while, she was heading towards him. Finally, the night could progress and everything can still go as planned. This really could be the perfect night! But soon, Peter discovered that Stacy hasn’t noticed him at all! In fact, she sat down at a table with another man, a much older fellow who was also dressed in a suit similar to Peter’s. Looking at his face closely, he realised that it was his older brother. At that moment, Peter realised that nothing in life was perfect. So, he stood up and left, leaving the ring at his brother’s table.

“What a crap night…” Ray and Peter left through the door. Stacy hasn’t looked back… The brother, however, noticed, but has soon forgot about it and focused on his girlfriend.

Love can be cunning and complicated. It can also be confusing. But when you find the right person, don’t let go, because you never know when it’s going to be over.


Hope you enjoyed this little short story! I know that it’s rushed and a little weird, but nevertheless, I hope this can get some love. 🙂

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Finding Inspiration to Write

For people who need inspiration…

Adult & Teen Fiction


Can’t find inspiration to write?

Well step right up, I have a dose of “What-Was-That!” …This will knock your socks off.

Let me start off by saying, I know the feeling. I am in the same boat sometimes; probably why I drink most-of-the-time. But hey, I am a writer; the life behind the pen comes with a glass of whiskey.

Yes, I know the life of a writer is a depressive one, the outcasts who see too much. I guess that is what they will say for some us when we are laid to rest. To you there is nothing special, I beg to differ. You are a unique machine, if you are anything like me. I write everything I see.

For example.

“The clouds raced overhead as I walked up the flyover. Do they know something I do not? What’s chasing them?”

Yes, I write my own footsteps within…

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How to Out-Write Other Writers

Adult & Teen Fiction

Using words only have a certain effect on people, but you are trying to amaze people with words, aren’t you?

Here are a few tips to further your work.

  • Study Poetry and Song Writing.
  • Hook their eyes.
  • Find Better words.
  • Figure people out.
  • Say, Said, Replied and Shouted

When you become a pro at these writing styles you will open up a form of writing, such as poetic views.

Instead of writing. “Her hair was red.” You can write. “Burning with fire she spiral spins, each lash of her hair lets off burning embers.” This shows you have given something mind-numbing a life and that anything can be a character.

  • CATCH THEIR EYES! “Suicide, Suicide on my mind, all the time, every time I close my eyes, I always think of suicide, suicide on my mind, all the time, every time I close my eyes, I always think of suicide.” ~ Chorus…

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Become a writer: a how-to guide (from another website)

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Sorry about lack of posts, I will reblog a few things for a while today and probably tomorrow. If you’re interested, check out the posts and the original creators, they are all amazing! I hope you enjoy this one, here’s the link to the original post:


If you have strong writing skills and ability to meet deadlines, professional writing may be the right career for you. Once you decide which type of writing you want to do, you can talk to an admissions representative or career counselor to find out what it takes to earn a degree or certification.

Whether you’re interested in writing a book or building a copywriting career, learning how to become a writer can help you earn more money and achieve more satisfaction out of your work. A variety of certificate and degree programs are available to help anyone who’s interested in becoming a writer, so research your options before committing to a particular program. The right program for you will depend on the amount of time you have available, the amount of money you can spend on education and the type of writing you’re interested in doing.

If you’re interested in part or full time employment as a staff writer, you may have to get an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. If you enroll in a creative writing program, expect to take courses in composition, poetry writing, fiction writing, playwriting and other types of creative writing. Degree programs that focus on technical or business writing are also available. If you enroll in one of these programs, expect to take courses in composition, journalism, public relations and media writing.

Another way to become a writer is to complete a certificate program for writing. Some colleges offer certificates in creative writing, technical writing, copywriting, novel writing and other types of writing. You’ll most likely be able to take several elective courses, so completing a certificate program is a good way to learn more about the topics that interest you. If you’re interested in learning how to become a writer in a technical field, you may also have to take courses in information architecture and related topics. These courses will prepare you for the exams necessary to obtain professional writing certifications.

If you already have a writing bachelor’s degree, you may want to consider getting a master’s in writing. Some schools offer master’s degrees in creative writing, while other schools have programs that focus on business and technical communications. If you focus on fiction, expect to take graduate-level courses in novel writing, short story writing, young adult fiction, experimental writing and related topics. If you prefer to focus on nonfiction, you may be required to take courses in journalism, travel writing, biography writing, blogging, essay writing and magazine writing. The required courses will vary based on the school you select, so be sure to ask an admissions counselor or advisor about the requirements of your program.

Once you become a writer, you’ll have a number of employment options. Some writers choose to get part- or full-time writer and editor jobs, while other writers choose to freelance. This means they are self-employed and work on projects for more than one client. If you decide to open a freelance writing business, it’s possible to work at home doing online writing work for your clients. If you decide to take a writing job in the media industry, it’s helpful to live in a major city such as New York or Los Angeles as there are typically more media jobs available in these cities.

If you have strong writing skills and ability to meet deadlines, professional writing may be the right career for you. Once you decide which type of writing you want to do, you can talk to an admissions representative or career counselor to find out what it takes to earn a degree or certification.

Photo credit: Zev via Compfight CC.


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