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Hello my lovely cat people!

So, this year is going to be a time for change. And I thought that I should change something too, for example, the things that I write about. I prefer to write about something that is not real, since it doesn’t have to make much sense. With detective novels or stories, for example, everything has to connect, which can be quite difficult sometimes. So, today, I’m going to try and write about a couple in a restaurant and why they are sitting there and how they got there, etc. So, because I’m still working on with the 3rd chapter from my story, I thought this could keep you guys busy with something. 🙂 I also hope you’ve been giving some love to the re-blogged posts from other talented bloggers out there. If you haven’t already, check out the posts from 19th March, should have some good stuff there. Make sure to read their other work, because they are super talented!

Anyway, here’s the story. I love you all~! ❤


A man, of a rather young age and strong figure, was sitting by himself in Madison Restaurant, located in the city of London. It was a warm summer night and that man has decided to sit on the rooftop of the restaurant to enjoy the warm summer breeze running through his curly hair and past his cheeks. He liked how it felt on his skin, it made him feel alive. He kept looking at his watch, he was agitated. His girlfriend Stacy wasn’t showing up for half an hour already, this made him think that she wasn’t coming… Just when he thought the timing was perfect…

“Another drink?” the barman came up close to the lone man in a suit, wiping the bench and then the glasses. The man looked up and tried to choose a drink from the menu, but couldn’t decide, so he just shook his head. “Don’t worry, man, these things happen,” after that, the barman walked off.

Suddenly, the man felt a hand squeezing his left shoulder. He turned around and saw a familiar face, although he couldn’t think of a name straight away, the man was getting quite drunk.

“Peter, what a surprise to see you here!” from his voice, Peter could tell that the man who came up to him was excited. After which, Peter came to a conclusion that they haven’t seen each other for a while. “Don’t you remember me?” Peter decided not to answer. “I’m Ray, we used to go to High School together! Can you remember some of the things we did?” Even though the name did ring a bell, Peter’s High School experience was a blur. He didn’t want to remember much of it, because it seemed boring to him. He’s only finished studying at university a few years ago, so thinking about school experiences now seemed queer. The man had a black brief case and a laptop bag, which he carried around all the time. He is a well employed lawyer and finished with good marks at Harvard University, after which, Peter decided to move to London to see his family more often. So far, he’s been enjoying living in this city. It has an “ancient” feel to it – not many of the buildings were reconstructed.

Peter hasn’t answered for a while and kept looking at his watch every five minutes. It’s been almost an hour since his date with Stacy was supposed to start. Where was she?

The awkward silence was killing Ray, so he started talking about his family and friends. He mentioned his work briefly, from which Peter assumed he didn’t like it very much. He said that he hasn’t met anyone special in his life yet, after which he glanced over at a red box to the right of Peter. Ray was silent for a while, as he was trying to understand what was happening. Once the pieces of the puzzle fit, the man said, quietly,

“My God… Who’s the lucky woman?”

“The one that hasn’t shown up…” He turned around on his chair and faced the entrance to the restaurant. It was getting darker and the lights around the rooftops were lighting up. As the sun was setting, the sky changed from blue to shades of pink and orange. For some strange reason, Peter started thinking of ice-cream, which made him slightly hungry.

He glanced over at the door: a woman in a red dress had entered with a small purse and a mirror in her hands. She opened it up and checked to make sure that there wasn’t anything wrong with her look. After she was done, the mirror was put into the purse, and she started looking around for someone. Peter had hoped that it was him, Stacy had finally shown up. He raised his arm quickly and started waving towards her. Stacy still didn’t notice him.

After a short while, she was heading towards him. Finally, the night could progress and everything can still go as planned. This really could be the perfect night! But soon, Peter discovered that Stacy hasn’t noticed him at all! In fact, she sat down at a table with another man, a much older fellow who was also dressed in a suit similar to Peter’s. Looking at his face closely, he realised that it was his older brother. At that moment, Peter realised that nothing in life was perfect. So, he stood up and left, leaving the ring at his brother’s table.

“What a crap night…” Ray and Peter left through the door. Stacy hasn’t looked back… The brother, however, noticed, but has soon forgot about it and focused on his girlfriend.

Love can be cunning and complicated. It can also be confusing. But when you find the right person, don’t let go, because you never know when it’s going to be over.


Hope you enjoyed this little short story! I know that it’s rushed and a little weird, but nevertheless, I hope this can get some love. 🙂

MEOW! =^.^=


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