‘G’ is for Gays

Hello my lovely cat people!

Today I thought I’d talk about gay people and my love for them.

I cannot stand it when religion gets in the way of this lovely culture of people. They are not hurting anyone by being happy or loving someone different to everyone else. So why is it that we can’t leave them in peace? I think it’s because we see them being so happy with the person of the same gender, that we start to get jealous and angry and then all of these emotions build up and just explode. This isn’t necessarily good.

I, personally, have quite a few gay friends who I love just as much as all of my other friends. They are just as funny or smart or beautiful as any other person that I am friends with. (it sounds a bit biased, but it’s not meant to be 😛 ) But what pisses me off also is when people think that they can choose to be straight or gay. This is true to an extent, but it is mostly based more on the science and the build of the person, it is based on how they were born and formed. This is because gay men especially have more female hormones than straight men, which is why I believe to an extent also that they are born with their love for the same gender.

My ultimate dream, I think, is for gays to be accepted around the world, starting with Australia and Russia. Abbot needs to get his shit sorted already and just pass on the bill for Gay Marriage Rights, seriously… I will never stop accepting them just as much as anyone else, because I believe that they have the right to be heard and loved by someone who is their own gender. I think that is a really brave and special thing and that it should be treated positively, rather than being rejected completely, because we could benefit a lot from learning more about these people and their experiences. For example, by me accepting friends that are gay, I’m able to help them more with problems that can relate to their sexual orientation.

Anyway, that’s all for today. I know that this can come across as really biased, but that is just MY opinion, no one else is entitled to it if they don’t want to be. In saying that, I do hope that some people find this post true to their hearts and will hopefully understand it just as much as I do. 🙂 I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=


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