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Hello my lovely cat people!

It’s that time again to post yet another instalment of a new chapter in my short story. If you like this, then please give it a like so that I know if you would like to see more in the future. ^_^ I do have to warn you that this chapter contains some scenes of violence and gore, so if you don’t like those things, then I’d suggest not to read the last bit… I love you all~! ❤


Chapter 4

All the classes seemed so boring and useless to me, I just wanted to leave the goddamn college and enjoy the rest of my day. The only thing that seemed to keep me happy was having classes with Luc. I only had two, but they are by far the best two classes of the day: Maths and English were the only time when I could escape reality and be drawn to the beautiful and mysterious boy, Luc, whose surname is unknown. That was interesting in itself, because it makes me question who his real parents are and why he is hiding his true identity. Everyone has secrets, but his seem like the most important and the most interesting of them all.

Luc always turns around and faces me in class, like in Maths, he would turn around and randomly ask about my day when we’re all supposed to be working on algebra and calculus. And the most surprising thing is, he doesn’t get told off for anything that he does wrong, so I’m surprised how he even got that detention not too long ago. It seems like wherever I go he goes, I keep seeing him around everywhere and it feels like there’s no escape from him. It’s weird, I know, but I just can’t shake off the feeling like he’s watching me, drilling his eyes into the back of my skull every time I go to my locker, or to eat food, or just go home from classes. I feel like he’s always there, almost like he’s my guardian angel and was sent down to protect me from evil. But that is way too cliche and I’m not the type of girl who gets a “happily ever after”…

And it was the time of day to have English again, which I got excited about. We are currently learning Macbeth, all the dark and painful thoughts seem to excite me more than usual today, why am I so cheery on my birthday?..

As I sat down on my spot and got out my notebook, a lot of my classmates were coming by and wishing me a happy birthday, as they would normally do. But one guy, Stanley Wright, came up to me and had started teasing me about being 18. I tried to ignore him, as all of the students normally would in the college environment, however, this time it didn’t work. The guy was being quite persistent and was determined to get my attention even if it was only just for a second. I was trying to hold off my sarcastic and witty comments to avoid detention and further embarrassment, but that also hasn’t worked, because the entire class started laughing at me for being the age that I am. I know it sounds ridiculous, but my college is queer like that and the students clearly don’t realise that they may be hurting someone’s feelings by doing this. Because class hasn’t started, the teacher wasn’t in the classroom to stop the utter chaos and embarrassment that I was being put under. When everyone is laughing at you, it feels like the whole world is against you, even if it is just for a tiny moment. It feels so lonely and pitiful, this is why I was dreading for this day to come… And there is no way that I can stop this, this is getting out of hand and I feel so powerless and weak. Maybe even a little stupid for turning up to class on my birthday when I know perfectly well what happens to every single student in this goddamn place – they get mocked and are asked to be “done” by nearly every single person, I’m not even joking. So I buried by head in my books and tried to study, but there was no stopping the bullies now…

The classroom door suddenly opened, all the students looked up in unison and for a moment there was silence. For a moment, I thought a teacher had come to my rescue. But then, the students went back to laughing at me when they realised that it was Luc who entered through the door and who won’t be able to do anything about it. Once he saw me trying to avoid crying, he came up to me and reached out his hand. His hair was flawless, as always. His dark clothes had made him even skinnier than before, with his stud shining on his right ear. Everyone stopped laughing and “spared us some precious moments of their time” to take a look at what was going on. Why is Luc helping me? Why am I so special? I wanted to cry so badly, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Somehow, this stranger was making me feel like I don’t need to fear anything, that he’ll always be there. But then, I got this strange sense of danger and that feeling of complete safety went away.

As I stood up, Luc pulled me in closer to whisper into my ear. His breath was hot, as always, and his cologne was still the same sickening smell, “Do you want to get out of here?” I nodded quickly. He pulled on my hand and we started to move against the flow out of the door and went through to the corridor. As we came up to my locker, Luc was smiling.

“Um… You’re still holding my hand,” I said, trying not to sound too weirded out by it. It started to make me feel uncomfortable.

“Who said I want to let go?” Luc grinned and tried to lean in for a kiss, but I pulled away. As much as I wanted it to happen, it couldn’t happen like this. I felt too vulnerable and… cliche about his whole day. But Luc didn’t like my decision and he started to get angry. He pulled away and didn’t let go of my hand, squeezing harder as time went by. It felt like every single bone in my hand would snap if I didn’t do something about it.

“Luc, you’re hurting me,” I tried to pull away, but his grip was getting firmer and I couldn’t seem to escape from it. “Stop! Please! You will break my hand if you keep going!”

Luc mumbled something, but I couldn’t hear. As soon as he understood that, he pulled hard on my hand to bring me in closer to him. I could feel it hurting with the most unbearable pain, but I couldn’t scream. It was like one of those nightmares where you’re trying to shout out to someone, but you can’t. Everything that I seemed to try won’t work and I felt trapped and claustrophobic.

“You shouldn’t have pulled away…” his voice became deep and unrecognisable. His pearl white teeth started to grow again and his eyes were changing to grey. It was like Luc was mutating and changing into this… unrecognisable beast. In the corners of my mind, I was sincerely hoping that this was all just a bad dream… “Now, you shall pay.”

He squeezed my hand harder and it started bleeding. As the blood started dripping on the floor, I noticed I wasn’t in school anymore. Instead, there was a woman standing right next to me in a room which was full of glass jars and bottles of, what seemed like, organs. It wasn’t a pleasant site and if I kept staring at it any longer, I would definitely vomit. The woman suddenly grabbed my face and told me, shaking it, that I must not stare at them any longer and use a small mirror that she was handing to me instead. I didn’t believe that, of course, the site was displeasing enough already, how can a mirror make it all “go away”?

As suddenly as the woman appeared, she left through the door without saying a word, whilst I continued looking at the contents of the jars more closely. Some had a countless number of eyes, others had fingers and toes, some had arms and one even had a leg. But the more I kept staring at them, the more they made me sick. Why hadn’t I listened to the woman?

Continuing to examine the room in disgust, I came across a rather normal-looking fireplace in this creepy place. But the things that I found on it weren’t at all pleasing. Several severed dolls were sitting on top of it, many of which were missing arms, legs, heads and anything else that could be attached. They suddenly jerked their heads towards me and started staring creepily, as if choosing their pray. As soon as I thought of that, they had jumped off the fireplace simultaneously and slowly started to move towards me. I tried to go to the door, but I couldn’t find it. As the dolls were getting closer, the room was shrinking and I couldn’t seem to find any means of escape. I started to panic.

As the dolls drew in closer, they knocked me onto the ground and started pulling on every single limb they could find. The pain was indescribable, it was as if someone had been tearing you so slowly, that you feel every muscle, bone and skin tearing apart one by one. The blood from my insides was splattering across the walls, jars and the rest of the room. I was feeling so sick and weak. The dolls were storing all the organs into jars, cracking their heads and singing nursery rhymes as they went along. At  the moment when I was feeling like death was drawing closer, a woman’s laughter could be heard from a few metres further from my body. As I closed my eyes, the woman giggled, whispering, “Curiosity killed the cat…”


Waking up from that dream  was nothing that I felt before. When I found myself in the nurse’s office, I suddenly felt a sense of peace. But for a moment, I could feel a presence, right next to me. It reminded me of the woman in the dream, someone who was trying so hard not to laugh at the pain my mistakes are causing. At that moment, I felt unsafe again, but I couldn’t escape. Everything became blurry and I once again lost consciousness, and kept falling down deeper and deeper into a dark void.

Luc… What have you done?


MEOW! =^.^=

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