‘Q’ is for Queer

Hello my lovely cat people!

Being queer isn’t always a bad thing. Being strange and different can be very good in developing a character and a personality for yourself. It can change the way people see you, but that shouldn’t be taken big notice of. If you’re like me, you’d say, “That’s crazy! I can’t stop thinking about what people think of me!” However, we should all remember that we are not born perfect and however society tries to shove down your throat that you have to be skinny, like boys or anything else stereotypical like that to “make it in life”, ignore them completely, because being either of those things is important.

What IS important, however, is how you perceive yourself. There is nothing wrong with being strange, I’m strange in a way that I know pretty much everything about every single TV show that I watch, I talk about weird crap to my friends and I act strangely in public. I’m sure everyone is like that around people they are comfortable with, but, I’d like to set you a little challenge, which I’m going to attempt as well. I always am very concerned about other people hearing me talking to myself (yes, I do that 😛 I know I’m crazy.. 😉 ) or singing in public, so what if we all try to do something that is different and to show people and the rest of society just how cool we are! I’m not making you do this at all, but I thought it would be a nice way to spread our “cat crew” out on the streets and try to be queer together. 🙂 If you like the sound of this, LIKE the post, so that I’ll know who’ll be attempting this with me. I know it might be challenging, but that’s what being different is all about – facing challenges and going on adventures and not letting anyone or anything stop you in your way.

On that note, I’ll finish this post. Just remember to be yourself. Or queer. 😉 I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

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