‘W’ is for Writing

Hello my lovely cat people!

I feel like I’ve talked about this a thousand times, but I can’t help it – it is my absolute passion to write, which is why I started this blog. 🙂

What I love about writing is that you are free to do whatever you like. You can use whatever tools, applications, genres, characters, and the list goes on. You can literally go any direction you want and it doesn’t matter how “strong” your language is. Writing helps me, personally, create better stories with meaning behind it, as well as good characters who have an interesting back-story. Several skills that I’m trying to work on currently are writing from 3rd person and also providing more of an environment, rather than just having dialogue.

I get my inspiration for stories from different things. Sometimes, sitting outside provides a better environment. Writing on rainy days in particular is perfect, because you could describe how the rain hit your window or how the cold wind blew on your face, etc. Also, I really like to have a drink or a snack next to me. You know why? It makes me feel professional, even though I’m far from it. 😛

I have mentioned this book in one of my previous posts before, I think I mentioned it in my Fiction Corner section. But a great book for, what’s known as, “Writer’s Block” is called “The Writer’s Block” and is written by Jason Rekulak. He is an AMAZING author, who provided a compact and really comprehendible book on what to do when you’re stuck for ideas. It provides great exercises, pictures, words, quotes, inspirational stories from other writers and so much more! It has given me so many great ideas. I would really recommend it to anyone who’s either writing and stuck for ideas or has no inspiration to continue with your stories anymore (yep, that’s me….) or who’s thinking of starting to write. It really does help you so much and I find that whenever I’m out of ideas, I always refer back to the book to guide me.

So, whether you’re thinking about writing or are writing already, remember – there are no boundaries in expressing your thoughts or feelings. Whether it is through a fictional character, or through a detailed biography of your life. It helps you in so many ways and there are different things that you can do while writing. If you’re struggling to write regularly and put your books “on hold” really often, what I suggest you do is create a timetable where you decide on when you’re going to write. This especially helped me with my short story that I’m currently writing. My time limit is two weeks and whilst I may not write for the entirety of that time, I feel like it motivates me to release a chapter in a reasonable time for my readers.

Have fun with experimenting with it, it’s not for everyone, but if you find a style that suits you and that you enjoy, you’ll find it so much more fun, educational and captivating. I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

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