‘X’ is for Xylophone

Hello my lovely cat people!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about the history of the instrument. Instead, this is going to be a little short story, so I hope you enjoy! Had a rough day, so I’m going to blog it out, I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=


There’s a girl, a girl that I keep seeing. She barely talks to anyone, unless she has to; she always keeps her long dark hair in plats, that come down to her hips; she barely eats or laughs or produces any human emotion in general. But one thing she does do is play the xylophone. You don’t see many people walking around playing a xylophone, everyone is mostly into guitars and pianos and all of those other kinds of… more interesting instruments. But this girl prefers to play the xylophone. And that makes her happy.

I came up to her one day and said hello. She didn’t respond, of course, but I kept talking to her in hope that she will answer me. I sat down next to her and mentioned her xylophone. She smiled, first time I’ve ever seen her express anything else other than a neutral face. So I asked her why she played it. She just turned and said:

“Do you know my name?” her voice was quite low. One thing I never noticed was how green her eyes were, I think she picked up on that.

I decided not to answer.

“People know names of common instruments, so they then remember common names. Like, Julian plays the guitar or Ben plays the piano. My name is unique and so is my instrument, which is why I just want to be noticed. I don’t want to be alone. But no one talks to me because they think I might hurt them,” suddenly, I felt guilt for not talking to this girl before. I have never felt so bad for not talking to someone.

“Well, now you have me, and now you won’t be alone.”

That was the story of how I met the girl with the xylophone. But you know the strangest part? When I asked all my classmates about the girl with the xylophone, they haven’t even seen her. When I pointed out the seat she usually was in, they denied it and said it was empty. The girl with the xylophone didn’t exist… I feel so alone…




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