Thinking about the future…

Hello my lovely cat people!

Since the A-Z challenge, I know I haven’t been posting as much as I should’ve, but I felt like I blogged about every single thing I could think of over the course of the month of April. Thank you so much again to all the old and new followers that have started reading my posts, it is unreal to me that all of you guys (most of you, I’d assume, are much older than me) take an interest in, somewhat, cheesy and predictable writing and posts. I cannot thank you all enough, simply reading my posts and leaving a nice suggestion or an improvement is enough for me, I really love you all.

Anyway, turns out I was wrong, because the one thing I haven’t blogged about just yet is the future.

So we all know, or should know, that the Earth will “live” for another…. billions of years. So, the end of the world, which was supposed to happen in 2012, won’t actually occur until a much later time when our generation is pretty much gone. Whilst it is sad, it makes me wonder what the world will be like in, let’s say, 100 years. What kind of music will people listen to? What food will they eat? What kind of situation in the world are we going to be facing? What new technology is going to be invented? These and so many more questions are what really makes me curious about the future.

I’m sure that most of you live on old and cliched Disney films, and good old fashioned action/adventure type movies. It makes me wonder whether in the next century it will all just perish. It makes me wonder what other kinds of crappy TV shows companies could invent.

This also makes me think about my future and what I’d like to do, once I finish my 2 years of college. I know that getting out of Australia would be a definite! As much as I like it here, I really like to travel and explore places where I’ve never been to before. Also, the city which I’m currently living in is really isolated, so all the conventions and meet-ups that I want to go to are not going to happen. I would love to either go study in England or America, because I basically love YouTube and all the cool people live there and I want to stalk them and be like, “OMG, YOU’RE ACTUALLY REAL AND I CAN SEE YOU OUTSIDE OF MY COMPUTER SCREEN!!! WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?!?!?!?!”

Um….. I mean… what?

I haven’t really known for a long time what I actually wanted to do with life and what potential career I’d like to have. Then, I started thinking about my interests, I’d say the ones that are really important to me are music, acting, writing and languages. They have all shaped my life and I am really happy that I have these interests, because I can actually get some decent careers out of them! So then, I settled down into acting or writing and that is where I decided to aim, because if I work hard enough in acting, I’d get to meet a lot of the people that have literally been my obsessions (in a non-creepy way, calm down guys… -_-) and also to travel around the world and meet even more new people. But most importantly, the reason why I love acting and writing so much, is because you pretend to be someone else. For a moment, you don’t have to worry about your problems and just focus on how to portray the character that you want to “make”.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for me today, sorry about the weirdness and the length of the post, but I really missed it guys! I love you all and I hope you enjoyed~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

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