Hello my lovely cat people!

As you can see, I have clearly failed yet again to post on time this week… So instead, the short story will go up “normal time”, which is this Thursday (24th July). Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a good challenge or something similar for August, which should keep me posting regularly! (I know, right!) I have school starting tomorrow… again… but for now, I’m going to talk about cleaning and avoid doing the homework that I haven’t done during the holidays! 😀

Yesterday, I had a friend come over who I haven’t seen in so long, it is crazy! However, because our meet-up was very sudden and unplanned, I have not had any time to clean my room… So, to my immense horror, she walks in and her jaw just drops. I am not kidding… Kill me. ;___; I didn’t realise also that she will be coming over to my house as we were meeting up with our sisters in the kids’ play-centre. But, of course, with my luck, she came into my room… To make it better, she has OCD (not sure if she was joking or not) and has to keep her room tidy. Um… yeah… I have failed at yet another thing in life! 😀 So, kids, learn from this and make sure to clean your room regularly…

But when you do clean your room, you just find stuff that you haven’t played with for ages. So you just end up inspecting every little thing you find instead of actually putting them away, which tends to create an even bigger mess. This is basically how I “clean”.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little post, I love you all~! ❤
MEOW! =^.^=


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