Day 6: A letter to a stranger

Hello my lovely cat people!
Today I’m going to write a letter to a stranger, not sure who… But we’ll see how this goes and I hope you enjoy!

I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

P.S. This is not based on a true story. 


Dear Anon,

I know that you may not be aware of my existence, which is totally understandable since we’ve never actually had a proper conversation, but I have noticed something that concerns me. I have noticed that every lunchtime you seem to sit alone and everyone is avoiding you. I cannot begin to imagine how that must feel. I am here to tell you that you are not alone. No matter how hard that is for you to believe, I will be here for you, I will not let you down the way that others did. I will not back away and I will be with you every step of the way.

It is sad to think that society has a stereotype for the “perfect friend” or boyfriend or anyone else. Whilst every day, the perfect stereotype of people who don’t care about other person’s feelings is what I see. We are not perfect, I can tell you that, but when no one makes an effort to try and make you feel welcome and be a part of something is a real crime. Well, I aim to change that.

I know that this is only a letter and not an actual conversation, but I was afraid that if I were to start talking to you, you’d think this is a joke. I am here for you and this letter should be proof for it. 

If you would like to come over for a chat, you can join me and my friends, I am sure you know where I sit. That popular girl at lunch table number 1. Someone has to notice sometime, right?

Your friend,


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