Day 8: A letter to your favourite internet friend

Hello my lovely cat people!

So I don’t actually have an internet friend… I know… So this is going to be somewhat of a short story. Hope you enjoy!

I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=


Dear Andy,

We have not Skyped for so long, where have you been?! I cannot believe that I am writing a letter to you, even though we can send e-mails to each other and get a response in a matter of seconds… I guess I wanted to take it back to the old days. Do you remember those? Those were the days… Back when YouTube wasn’t screwed up by Google, and back when children TV shows were much more enjoyable than iCarly and Spongebob. And I’m not saying that Spongebob wasn’t great… But no one even remembers/has heard of a channel called Jetix! Can you believe it? And I know that you are one of the people who knows what I’m talking about. Remember those good shows like Totally Spies and Galactik Football? Those really were the good days… Now, all that’s left of the old TV channels that we used to watch is some crap on Nickelodeon and even more crap on Cartoon Network. All of those shows that actually taught us things in a funny/silly way are all gone.

Isn’t it funny how quickly good things in life go? It is so frustrating and hope-crushing, but it really teaches you things. It teaches you not to back down and to always be strong and to really learn from your mistakes. Although, for me, it’s not working quite as well… I still make the same mistakes over and over and I am afraid, I am afraid that I can’t move on. But I will try my best, for you. As I know you would try for me if you ever had gone through the same thing. 

Things were so much easier back when we were young and didn’t have to worry about relationships, homework or other life drama. But those kinds of things really do make us stronger, they teach us how to stay strong and I admire that, despite us being sad about it sometimes…

I hope everything is well. How are you going? 

Skype me soon?


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