Hello my lovely cat people!

Instalment #2 of my 1 year at WordPress. I honestly love this website so much and the community that I have built-up here over the year has been incredible…. You guys are amazing, I can’t stress this enough! ❤

So I’ve been thinking about break-ups lately… Some Facebook ads may or may not have triggered my thoughts on this…. But what really annoys me is how they are done.

Ok, let me break this down for you… Here are some tips on how definitely NOT to break up with anyone, regardless of you being a guy or a girl. It’s just not the way to do things. Keep in mind though, my last break-up was in 2010 and I am still single….. So I may be rusty on a few points, but still! If you do it, do it with decency. It will save you and your, soon to be, ex-partner time and unneeded emotions and stress.

1. Don’t EVER tell your partner that you’re not good enough for them.  

This one is what my ex told me when he broke up with me… As well as being annoying, it is just embarrassing. I mean, the reason they have chosen to go out with you in the first place is because you ARE good enough, even better than that. Isn’t the whole gist of relationships to choose someone who’s perfect, or at least close to it? So, please, person, don’t tell us that we made the wrong choice by choosing to have you in our life, as if the break-up isn’t bad enough already…

2. Don’t break-up over text/inbox, etc. 

It has occurred to me that people still do this! We are in the day and age where phones and other technology are a big part of our lives. But at least have enough decency and honesty when you wish to leave your partner. Not all emotions can be expressed over typed up words. It is also very hurtful. You may not realise it and may be doing it out of good intentions, but it hurts your partner more when you do that. It is better to meet up with them somewhere private and talk it over. Don’t be that guy/girl.

3. Don’t say that you miss your partner after a few days have passed over text/inbox, etc.

Ok… Similar to the previous point, if you feel like you have made a mistake, come over and talk about it. Don’t be a jerk. I think I’ve said enough here…

4. If you’re the boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s best friend, please DON’T tell the partner they’re going to break-up with you.

This is sort of what happened to me, where a girl who I’m close to has told me that my boyfriend was talking about breaking up with me.

So let’s talk about this… First of all, it’s very rude because their relationship is none of your business. Sorry about being harsh, but it’s true. Also, it can be taken as a joke and if you want to stay best friends with the people in the relationship, it’s best to keep your mouth shut. If one of the partners in the relationship trusted you enough to tell you that he/she is going to break up, then they trust you to keep it a secret. It’s not that hard to figure out, not rocket science.

5. Be honest.

If you were ever being dishonest, breaking up is the time to let the truth come out. It is best to be as truthful as possible. And I know that you may think that you are sparing your partner unneeded emotions, it is better to tell them why you’re breaking up, if there was someone else you loved, if you’ve cheated on them, etc. It is better they find out from you than from someone else, trust me.

Lastly, just think about your decision and whether it is the right one to make at that particular time. Because if you ever think after the break-up that you made the wrong decision, it might be too late. Also, it may not be the right time to break up, for example, there might have been a huge stress in the family or something less serious but still important, and the last thing you want it to put on extra pressure onto the person you want to leave. However, if your partner is pressuring to stay in the relationship with them, i.e. they threaten to kill themselves if you break up, talk about it with someone – like a counsellor or parent or close friend. That is called blackmail and is not the healthy relationship that you need. That also means that you are making the right decision by leaving that person.

I hope that helped some of you at least. Again, any questions or comments, just leave them below. 🙂

Thank you for an amazing year, I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

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