Hunger Games Mockingjay and Governments | The Truth

Hello my lovely cat people!

Welcome to my new series, called The Truth, where I am inspired to talk to you guys about something I’ve seen, heard, or read. This will be up every Wednesday, to the best of my ability, and on Fridays I’m going to do special Q&A series, but that’s going to be explained later. 🙂 For now, I hope you enjoy this post!

So… basically, I went to see the new Hunger Games movie today with a friend of mine, and it got me thinking about how corrupt their government is… or any government for that matter. Just think about it, they send two people over, without their consent, just for the pleasure of watching them and creating a “good TV drama” for all the rich bitches in the Capital to watch and laugh over; then they lie and cheat their way through everything. This makes me afraid that our world is heading into this state…

There are so many crap TV dramas around these days; like the X Factor, the Biggest Loser, etc; and their goal is to watch humans compete against each other. Not going to lie, since this series is called “The Truth”, I watch one of those crappy reality TV dramas, America’s Next Top Model. I used to watch all other kinds of crap, but ANTM is the only “crap” thing I watch at the moment.

Anyway, back to the topic… The government wants money, so what does it do? It builds banks so that they collect taxes and just money in general to buy things that apparently help us. Yes, they build schools and defenses and stuff, but most of it they just keep. Every government is like that, as far as I’m concerned. All they want to do is get money from everyone and literally bathe in it. If they don’t get what they want or if people don’t obey to the set rules, they are jailed or fined or whatever for it. But what does that give the government? More money!

That’s the corrupt thing about our society, guys, money is what kills us all. Money and power, but money and power coexist anyway, so essentially one cannot exist without the other. Power is also important in our society and everyone wants it, because apparently if you’re in power these days, everyone listens to you. Well, how come so many governments, like the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution, are being rebelled against? Doesn’t that tell you something?

I’m not an expert in politics, but I personally would hate to be controlled by the government so much, that they’d have to watch my every move. Some countries have really strict rules, and it is ridiculous! If we all want to live for a long time on this planet, shouldn’t we all work towards peace? Work together?

Honestly, I wish sometimes people would just think for themselves about what is good for this world and just work together to achieve something for the better of everyone, not just themselves. But people are people, and we all love money and power, and this is what makes everyone so corrupt.

This is the truth, guys. My truth. But what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment down below!

I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

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  1. ricodilello says:

    Government is about power, not money. Money is just paper that governments all over the world print. Print too much of it and the value goes down compared to other currencies. Spend more than you take in taxes and government deficits increases to a point that your money decreases in value. Money is a tool that governments uses to stay in power. The victor in “Hungry Games” gets a house and money to live the rest of their lives in comfort.

    1. ragecat1997 says:

      Thank you for your comment, really insightful 🙂 I was aiming to get at the same thing, but haven’t made it clear..

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