Dancing | Q&Rage

Hello my lovely cat people!

I apologise that this post is slightly late, been out almost all day dancing!

As you probably have guessed, I’ll be talking about dancing today. So before I continue, my question to you is, what are your hobbies, if you have any? Or, alternatively, what do you like to do in your spare time? 🙂

I’ve been dancing ever since I was about 6. My first dance school specialised in jazz and hip-hop mostly, but also did some classical classes. I only did the hip-hop classes at the time, but I loved it, really! It was so much fun being on stage and getting to know people, and doing something that is challenging but also enjoyable. Dancing to music, even if not professionally, is just really fun and free. If you don’t like dancing in front of people, dancing on your own is also fun. I do that a lot, often in front of a mirror… 😀

I’ve never been that good, I think. I’m average. I try my best, always, but if there is a move that I know I cannot do, I’d rather not embarrass myself in front of a class of people. I suppose this is something that I should work on, but all in good time..

I stopped dancing for a while, which looking back at now, I’m regretting a bit. Those skills that I haven’t learned during those years, and the people that I haven’t met were the opportunities that I’ve missed out on, which I can’t necessarily get back. But I’m with the greatest dance school now and it has honestly been a blessing.

I’ve started dancing at my dance school in 2012. I’ve been to other dance schools when I came to Australia, but finally settled on one. At first, I was really shy, because at the previous dance school I was being treated like an outcast because I couldn’t do certain things. So when I first came, I kept to myself. But everyone was being so friendly and welcoming that I slowly started coming out of my shell and talking to people more and more. Now, I have more dancing friends than I ever had before and I really feel like our dance school is a very loving and caring family. X

Dancing, to me, is not a hobby. Over the past year, I’ve realised that dancing is a lifestyle I’ve chosen for myself. And it’s not all about learning dance moves, we also learn to be respectful, caring and kind towards others, giving them a chance (at least at my dance school). I hope that in the next few years I learn and do more things and that I improve, but I know that I have found my dance family. ❤

With our annual concert coming up tomorrow, we're all so excited to share what we've learned and to perform. I love being out on the stage and it just feels natural. Plus, you're acting, so you forget about problems for a while and just let go… It's indescribable unless you've experienced it yourself.

I hope that you guys have something that you love as dearly as I do dancing. I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

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