I Don’t Find the Internet That Mean… | The Truth

Hello my lovely cat people!

Another Truth for you today, how exciting! Feel free to leave comments on the issue below. 🙂

So the internet has become a part of our daily lives, we use it for everything – from cooking recipes to watching online movies and TV shows. Of course, social media is an important aspect of the internet, as well as allowing us to connect with other people, it has become an influential part of society in that by “sharing” or “liking” something, someone’s life can change completely, either for the better or for worse. Of course, like with everything in our society, the internet can be bad, especially social media. If you put too much information about yourself online, like your exact address, your credit card numbers, who you’ve been with for the past year, etc, it can really backfire on you! People can get stalked, bullied and harassed, plus more.

I have had quite a lot of experience with the “interwebs”, mostly social media, with blogging being a new thing for me. I’ve had several YouTube channels, which didn’t end up going the way I planned, Twitter and Facebook accounts, plus a lot of other social media stuff. Most of the things said to me on those websites have been positive, very rarely have I received negative feedback or harassment. I know that I’m only one of the few people online who probably haven’t dealt with much hate, but the way I see it – the internet is a wonderful thing!

I mean, look at all the stuff we can do today because a few people decided to invent this whole world known as the internet! We can connect with old friends, share interesting stories, search for things for our school/university/work projects, etc. There are just so many possibilities! Of course, I’m not saying that internet can be a very bad thing for many people as they get bullied and maybe even commit suicide over something people say to them online. Whilst I find that understandable, I believe it can be easily stopped just by turning off your computer or phone, or simply deleting an account. However, with celebrities, or ever popular YouTubers, they have learned to deal with this hate that comes at them, simply by ignoring it. I find it kind of hopeful that all those mean comments or things people say about you online they wouldn’t necessarily come up and say to you in person, unless they really hate your guts or are plain stupid and rude.

So in my opinion, internet is mostly good, with a few malfunctions like with anything in life. Those malfunctions can be quite severe, but most of them are easily stopped. Really, what I’m trying to get at, don’t let a few anonymous, thus cowardly, bullies demean you online. You don’t even know who they are! Can you imagine what celebrities would be like if they took to heart every single mean thing a person in this world has said about them? That really would be screwed up, aye? Just treat yourself like a celebrity and don’t take those words to heart, unless it is constructive criticism that you can learn from.

I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

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