Family/friend Gatherings | The Truth

Hello my lovely cat people!

So today we went over to our family friends’ house to celebrate Russian Christmas! And it was so warm today that I actually got a sunburn, and at the end of the day our family ate dinner outside. :p

Anyway, what I’ve realised is how many people there really are! Mostly people you don’t know, really. Some you kind of know, but you are either too shy to walk up to them and introduce yourself properly (me), you can’t be bothered doing that (also me) or have heard a lot of bad things about them from your friends and don’t really want to mention your friends in case they will start hating you. Honestly, there are many other reasons why you wouldn’t want to do that, but that’s the gist of it. So what you end up doing is sitting quietly in a corner either with your parents or your friends to try and avoid strangers – people can be really scary sometimes, especially when there’s a whole lot of them..!

Another thing with these celebrations is that there is always so much food! And just when you think that there can possibly be no more food at this table, someone new comes in; potentially a late-comer which makes it more awkward for them because they have to introduce themselves to everyone, etc; and puts a whole other plate at the table! And you don’t want to be rude to anyone, so you do your best to try everything at the table (or at least everything you can reach) and end up being so full you can’t breathe…

Also, there is always someone who makes it really awkward for you to get to know someone. For example, today, a good friend of ours (he was fairly old) was trying to introduce me to one of his sons, which was really nice. But then after the introductions, he went on talking about how boys should come up to the girls and introduce themselves to one another, etc. I know he was doing it out of his best intentions, and personally, I found it quite amusing, but the guy I was being introduced to found it really awkward and felt really bad for me, which made the introduction more awkward..

But it turned out fine, eventually and we all had a really good time, despite the overwhelming number of people sitting at one table..

I hope I wasn’t too ranty, wasn’t my intention really. Just wanted to point out some things. 🙂

I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=



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