Fitting Stereotypes | The Truth

Hello my lovely cat people!

Sorry about this post being late, but we had very bad internet this past week, but now it’s finally good again! I’ll post Q&Rage tomorrow, a day after school starts to keep me a little bit sane……..

So stereotypes, especially beauty ones, are a big deal in today’s society. This, of course, has more impact on women, rather than men. Women are told to shave all of their hair off on their body, put on make-up, and are told that “skinny is good”, including many other ones not mentioned here. But the truth is – not every woman does this.

I, for one, do not do my eyebrows often, if at all, and I do not shave my legs. Most girls would be “disgusted” and probably tell me that it’s really gross, but honestly, I don’t care. If I was born with leg hair, then it must be there for something, so why should I shave it off at someone else’s expense? I don’t want to fit the beauty stereotype for that, I think it’s stupid, but hey, if others think I’m gross, they have every right to be.

What also really annoys me is this “double standards” thing. For example, men or boys are allowed to walk on the beach without their tops on, so why can’t women do the same? It’s only because society has made it wrong to do that, but really, who is being hurt by this? Imagine if it would be wrong or illegal for men to go topless, and all the women would say, “This is really hurting me, I am so offended…” That is so wrong to me. I also feel like women who do as little as breastfeed in public without feeling the need to cover themselves up are being looked down on. Come on, people, this is the 21st century! We shouldn’t be ashamed just because a woman wants to take care of her child and wants what’s best for them – this is ridiculous!

Also this other stereotype, “skinny is good”, is very ridiculous. I feel like any person who is not as skinny as a twig is looked down on by most people like, “Oh yeah, she/he probably eats at McDonald’s everyday, I bet she doesn’t even do exercise and just stays in bed on weekends.” Let’s talk about this… I find this so wrong, because people are just judging by first glance! What if they have a condition where they put on weight every time they eat something as little as a few pieces of fruit, or maybe a nut mix? What if they cannot actually put weight off? There are a million other reasons for them to be like they are, and I find it really sad that most people have the need to judge them just because they look different.

In conclusion, I advise you to not fit every single stereotype out there – you do you, don’t let other people control you just because you look/sound/express yourself differently.

I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

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