B is for Buttons | A-Z Challenge

Hello my lovely cat people!

I thought I would provide you with a short story today, which I hope you will all enjoy. 🙂 Let me know what you think and I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

PS. This was written when I was really tired, so if anything doesn’t make sense, I blame my high stress levels over the course of the past two weeks.. 😀


Eric Buttons. Regular man of 23. Studying in the Oxford University in England.

What makes Eric Buttons so interesting? What differentiates him from every other man or woman on this planet? More specifically, in England. As far as he was concerned, his life was ordinary – it included going to lectures, studying and occasionally meeting up with friends.  But his life was not meaningful. His parents, despite living far away, tell him how proud they are of him, but how could they be when all he has done was get accepted into a prestigious university for an English degree. He wasn’t changing the world for the better, making a difference.

He looked at other people out there, the ones that are really trying to do something to change the fact that there is extreme poverty in Third World countries; the fact that there is no real equality between men and women; the fact that so many men and women and children are dying in wars over money and power. Eric Buttons felt like he was doing nothing to help himself or the world around him.

But he wanted to change. He wanted to change for the better. He wanted to prove to himself and others that he can do whatever he sets his mind to. He wanted to show the world of the greater good that he was capable of.

Eric Buttons. Regular man of 23. Studying in the Oxford University in England. With ambitions for a better world; with ambitions for his own future and the future of so many others; with the ambitions of a world where there is no poverty, no oppression towards anyone, and there is no war between any nation, no matter how big or small. We are part of a large community, a community that needs to support each other through difficult times.

This change that needs to be brought about… It starts with you. And Eric Buttons was one of the most regular men who has realised the importance of initiative and the need for the world to change.

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