F is for F**k Homework.. | A-Z Challenge

Hello my lovely cat people!

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but guess what got in the way of it? That’s right, homework! I’m on holidays and I have so many assignments to do it is insane! And yet I still choose to spend my time blogging, browsing Facebook and playing games, putting all of my homework aside… 

This year, I feel like I’ve been going well with assignments. I’m still leaving some to the last minute, but I’m actually making sure to try my best at everything, which is quite an achievement at least for me.

I especially envy those people who do not get distracted by social media. There is one person in my class who does not stop working and is on top of all of their assignments and homework and they make schedules for things to be done. They are so organized that they even have a day for writing schedules… I cannot follow schedules. If I start doing that, I get distracted by first making the schedule and then not doing it. I just can’t set myself a time to work on things, I have to be in the right mood for doing assignments and essays, otherwise my work becomes sloppy and messy. 

So yeah, if the teachers could stop giving out this much homework on our holidays, that would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

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