O is for Obsessions | A-Z Challenge

Hello my lovely cat people!

We all have obsessions with something, it’s how we function! I, for one, have weird obsessions with YouTube, blogging, reading and so many more! Binge-watching shows is also an obsession of mine, which prevents me from doing work, but is, on the other hand, very fun! My point being, is that every one of us likes certain things, and sometimes, it’s a little too much. But that’s ok, because that’s what makes us human! If we didn’t have obsessions or be passionate about something, our lives would be pretty boring. And no matter how silly or strange you might think your obsession is, there could be a lot of people who would have the same obsession as you. You are not alone, you just have to find the right people to talk to about weird and silly things. :p

I love you all~! ❤

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