‘Document 1’ | Chapter 1

Hello my wonderful cat people!

So I have been working on this novel for quite some time, however, it is originally written in Russian. I thought it would be cool to share the translated version of half of chapter 1 with you all. If you guys like it, I can upload more 🙂 Also, I don’t have a title for this at the moment, however, if you have any suggestions, post them in the comments below, I would really appreciate it!

So here is the first half of Chapter 1 of this novel, I hope you all enjoy. I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=


Chapter 1. Raki.

For years now I have been locked up. For years I have not seen the light of day and I haven’t felt the sunrays’ warmth on my skin. It’s so lonely here… My only cellmates are a huge man with tattoos on all of his body and a woman, who cannot spend a single minute without her cigarette. Because of her, the whole cell constantly stinks of cigarette smoke.

And so for years I haven’t heard any birdsongs, and haven’t felt the wind’s cool breeze on my skin. I always wanted to go Outside. But everyone says that Outside, instead of having beautiful weather and hearing birdsongs, you can only hear war’s death and destruction. The screams of the dying are also heard, and those are all the bad things I’ve heard about this place in this hellhole. But I choose not to believe these rumours.

I have been locked up for 10 years, technically 9, but the jubilee is coming soon. And so is my birthday… 10 years ago, my only present was the exile to this Island. It is known as the Dark Island, but my friends and I choose not to pronounce its formal name, so we just refer to it as Island. My friends are the only ones who are saving me from turning into a psychotic criminal. I am already a criminal, but I am definitely not prepared for psychosis.

I was exiled here because my parents were accused of treachery of the Kingdom. They were executed right in front of me, after which it was decided that I should be sent to the Island, in order for people to “keep an eye on me”. But the only thing they are doing now is giving me tablets from becoming insane and taking me to a therapist, so that he can talk to me for 1 hour every 2 days a week. The therapist is nice though, we get along well. He always listens and has good advice for me. But that is his job, to listen to other’s problems. Maybe it will turn out that he doesn’t give a crap about me. Or maybe he just needs money to feed his family?

We are not allowed to be Outside, in the fresh air. But we are allowed to “go for a walk”. You can go to the gym, or get artificially tanned. I believe People tend to call them “Solariums”.

All this war and these fights are because of People. They wanted more, and so they decided to take over the Kingdom. They flew here on their ships and began to terrorize our homes and cities. Because of this, our men had to protect us. But many of them died, my uncle is one of them. People killed him… It’s all because of them… It’s because of this that my main goal is to end the existence of the Human race.

Like I said, my friends are the only ones in my life. The guy, Nate, isn’t bad, and we get along quite well. He has beautiful dark eyes and naturally blond hair. A good sense of humour is also evident, but can sometimes be inappropriate, especially in serious situations. But despite this, Nate can keep secrets, and is very trustworthy. Any girl would like to date him, but he won’t date them, because he has a lovely girlfriend, Carroll. Her and I are also best friends. I usually talk to her about cute guys on the Island, as well as discussing the latest fashion trends. You need to know what people Outside are wearing somehow. You always need to be ready.

Sometimes, I dream of escaping this place, and I have been dreaming of this for all the 10 years that I’ve been locked up here for. I really want to know what the earth feels like under my feet, breathe in the smell of grass, but this is impossible, there is no way to escape this place. The guards walk around every part of the Island here 24/7. There wouldn’t have been these kinds of measures if two idiots didn’t try to escape the Island a few weeks ago. Everything would have been fine if they got out in time. They were caught, and then locked up in their cells forever. They can’t even go out of the cells. I feel sorry for the Garilli brothers, but what can you do, they did it to themselves.

From then on, the government took serious measures. There are now CCTV cameras in every corner of this place (they even managed to put one in the bathrooms! I wouldn’t be surprised if some guard would be “enjoying the moment”…), made the walls sound-proof, and called all the windows. But I have found a place where I can appreciate the life Outside. There is a small hole near my cell. From there, I like to watch the sun rise and set, and also, nearly every night, I like to look at the night sky and the bright moon. I’ve never told anyone about this place, because someone would have closed it off long ago. But I can dream about the places I could spend my time in this way…

Before the war, there were 5 cities, which lived together peacefully. Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Metal. All of them had citizens, which inherited one of the talents from those cities. Creatures living in the city of Air had become famous for a great sense of humour. Nate, for example, came from this town. Creatures from the city of Earth were the most trustworthy and loyal to the Kingdom, which is why they agreed to help the whole nation first. Creatures from the city of Fire were quick to anger and did not have any sense of patience, but their quick decisions and anger made them useful in critical situations. The Creatures from the city of Water were the opposite, they were calm and peaceful. They were the last ones to join in the war with Humans, because they think that all conflicts can be solved in a peaceful way. But I have no idea how this can be possible. Humans attacked their homes, their land, they killed their families, for God’s sake! And they want to talk to the enemies instead. Maybe soon enough they’ll start drinking tea and eating scones.

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