M is for Misfits

Hello my wonderful cat people!

I’ve talked about music already, but let’s talk about some shows that I really like. One of them is, of course, Misfits. If you are unaware of this wonderful show’s existence, then I highly recommend that you check it out (and watch the British version first, because it is the better one :P), because it is hilariously funny (the first few seasons anyway 😛 ), and is also really gripping in terms of story and character development.

The show is about 5 community service adults who get struck by lightning and obtain some kind of insane powers. And I know that it sounds super cliche, and it’s definitely been done before by many. But this particular show touches a lot on relationships between different characters, and how they develop and grow throughout the discovery of their powers. But of course, what definitely makes the show’s first few seasons so funny and great to watch is the actor Robert Sheehan who plays Nathan on the show. You might’ve seen him in the movie ‘The City of Bones’ (originally written by Cassandra Clare) and might not have been very impressed. So let me tell you, your impression of him will definitely change if you see this show! Also, if you haven’t seen the movie, don’t watch it – it’s not very good. 😛 Read the book instead. 😀

Anywho, there’s 5 seasons of the show now, I think, but I just watch the first few seasons, because then the cast changes after a while, and it’s not the same. So, if you’d like a bit of a relaxing afternoon after a hard day’s work, wherever and whoever you are, then this show is definitely for you. It honestly has everything. So do check it out if you have the time. 🙂

Other than that, I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday (or have had, I should say, since this post is running very late. :P), and I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

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