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April 14th, 2016

I received this comment on my latest post.


Clearly, I took the chance to reply, and now, write a whole post about it.

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Become a writer: a how-to guide (from another website)

Hello my lovely cat people!

Sorry about lack of posts, I will reblog a few things for a while today and probably tomorrow. If you’re interested, check out the posts and the original creators, they are all amazing! I hope you enjoy this one, here’s the link to the original post:


If you have strong writing skills and ability to meet deadlines, professional writing may be the right career for you. Once you decide which type of writing you want to do, you can talk to an admissions representative or career counselor to find out what it takes to earn a degree or certification.

Whether you’re interested in writing a book or building a copywriting career, learning how to become a writer can help you earn more money and achieve more satisfaction out of your work. A variety of certificate and degree programs are available to help anyone who’s interested in becoming a writer, so research your options before committing to a particular program. The right program for you will depend on the amount of time you have available, the amount of money you can spend on education and the type of writing you’re interested in doing.

If you’re interested in part or full time employment as a staff writer, you may have to get an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. If you enroll in a creative writing program, expect to take courses in composition, poetry writing, fiction writing, playwriting and other types of creative writing. Degree programs that focus on technical or business writing are also available. If you enroll in one of these programs, expect to take courses in composition, journalism, public relations and media writing.

Another way to become a writer is to complete a certificate program for writing. Some colleges offer certificates in creative writing, technical writing, copywriting, novel writing and other types of writing. You’ll most likely be able to take several elective courses, so completing a certificate program is a good way to learn more about the topics that interest you. If you’re interested in learning how to become a writer in a technical field, you may also have to take courses in information architecture and related topics. These courses will prepare you for the exams necessary to obtain professional writing certifications.

If you already have a writing bachelor’s degree, you may want to consider getting a master’s in writing. Some schools offer master’s degrees in creative writing, while other schools have programs that focus on business and technical communications. If you focus on fiction, expect to take graduate-level courses in novel writing, short story writing, young adult fiction, experimental writing and related topics. If you prefer to focus on nonfiction, you may be required to take courses in journalism, travel writing, biography writing, blogging, essay writing and magazine writing. The required courses will vary based on the school you select, so be sure to ask an admissions counselor or advisor about the requirements of your program.

Once you become a writer, you’ll have a number of employment options. Some writers choose to get part- or full-time writer and editor jobs, while other writers choose to freelance. This means they are self-employed and work on projects for more than one client. If you decide to open a freelance writing business, it’s possible to work at home doing online writing work for your clients. If you decide to take a writing job in the media industry, it’s helpful to live in a major city such as New York or Los Angeles as there are typically more media jobs available in these cities.

If you have strong writing skills and ability to meet deadlines, professional writing may be the right career for you. Once you decide which type of writing you want to do, you can talk to an admissions representative or career counselor to find out what it takes to earn a degree or certification.

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Excuse Me…. How Do You Write?

Adult & Teen Fiction


Destiny is written within us all, each footstep is a word, each mile is a sentence and each life is a book, the novel shall be finished no matter how the ending.- Creative Writer Alexander Kennedy.

A day in a life of me, you ask?

What weird knowledge to acquire; each to their own. Some people want sex, others money but for people like you, knowledge is your power, and the power you gain will make you answer the dark questions that are scratching from under your skin; because in my world, we’re all insane, we’re all monsters and murderers; sanity is the illness and the world is just another pill ready for you to pop.

Now as I write, I am writing something that has never been written before, a style of writing that has never been attempted because no one has ever tried non-fiction-fiction. In layman’s terms, basically…

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Goodbye Allison…

Nerd Next Door

I know this post is about Teen Wolf, which is super awesome by the way (sorry for not doing the weekly episode thingy-ma-jigs that I do with my other series…) but I just finished the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale…

And I only have three letters to describe the episode.


The episode was called ‘A is for Answers‘- that’s pretty obvious, even someone in reception can figure that out…but we did get quite a few answers…a lot, and I mean A LOT, of people were ruled out from being A…yet not enough.

It was good, but annoying, better than most episodes, but not the best. Do you get me?

But the ending?! Bloody hell, I NEED SEASON 5. I hate mysteries that drag- just get on with it and solve the case. Luckily there’s a better detective on the scene now (good riddance Wilden

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