Fitting Stereotypes | The Truth

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Sorry about this post being late, but we had very bad internet this past week, but now it’s finally good again! I’ll post Q&Rage tomorrow, a day after school starts to keep me a little bit sane……..

So stereotypes, especially beauty ones, are a big deal in today’s society. This, of course, has more impact on women, rather than men. Women are told to shave all of their hair off on their body, put on make-up, and are told that “skinny is good”, including many other ones not mentioned here. But the truth is – not every woman does this.

I, for one, do not do my eyebrows often, if at all, and I do not shave my legs. Most girls would be “disgusted” and probably tell me that it’s really gross, but honestly, I don’t care. If I was born with leg hair, then it must be there for something, so why should I shave it off at someone else’s expense? I don’t want to fit the beauty stereotype for that, I think it’s stupid, but hey, if others think I’m gross, they have every right to be.

What also really annoys me is this “double standards” thing. For example, men or boys are allowed to walk on the beach without their tops on, so why can’t women do the same? It’s only because society has made it wrong to do that, but really, who is being hurt by this? Imagine if it would be wrong or illegal for men to go topless, and all the women would say, “This is really hurting me, I am so offended…” That is so wrong to me. I also feel like women who do as little as breastfeed in public without feeling the need to cover themselves up are being looked down on. Come on, people, this is the 21st century! We shouldn’t be ashamed just because a woman wants to take care of her child and wants what’s best for them – this is ridiculous!

Also this other stereotype, “skinny is good”, is very ridiculous. I feel like any person who is not as skinny as a twig is looked down on by most people like, “Oh yeah, she/he probably eats at McDonald’s everyday, I bet she doesn’t even do exercise and just stays in bed on weekends.” Let’s talk about this… I find this so wrong, because people are just judging by first glance! What if they have a condition where they put on weight every time they eat something as little as a few pieces of fruit, or maybe a nut mix? What if they cannot actually put weight off? There are a million other reasons for them to be like they are, and I find it really sad that most people have the need to judge them just because they look different.

In conclusion, I advise you to not fit every single stereotype out there – you do you, don’t let other people control you just because you look/sound/express yourself differently.

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Pet Peeves | The Truth

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Today I thought I’d create a quick list of my top 10 pet peeves. Sorry about it being short, but here it is nonetheless. 🙂

*They are in no particular order, by the way.*

1). When people chew REALLY loudly. Not just with their mouth open, but just chew so that you hear every single crunch of food… Am I being pretentious, or is that an actual thing? Comment below! 😀

2). Annoying customers… I’ve explained it in my previous post a week ago, but yeah…

3). People who think they are better than everyone else. I’m talking about either super pretentious guys, or really REALLY bitchy girls. I’m most likely stereotyping here, but they annoy me. A lot.

4). People who you think are going to be your best friend, or maybe they are for a while, and then they turn on you. Really? I thought we had a connection… ;(

5). People who over-exaggerate. They cannot be trusted and are quite annoying.

6). People who either tease me or my friends all the time. I can understand occasional teasing, but actually saying, “Hey! Your … needs work! Hey, how about plucking your eyebrows or shaving your legs just to fit with our stereotype! WOW, your teeth are so yellow today!” Come on, I’m fairly sure that’s bullying. (I’ve experienced all of these, it’s not nice.)

7). People who are really horrible to my friends. Be horrible to me and I may forgive you. Be horrible to my friends….. who knows what might happen?

8). When my parents push me to do things. I hate that, but I suppose it has to be done.

9). When I have to repeat myself when someone either mishears me or doesn’t hear me at all. I don’t know why it annoys me, but it does…

10). Mosquitoes. Their high-pitched buzzing is enough to make anyone go mad.

I’ve got other pet peeves, I’ve got many actually, so let me know by liking the post if you’d like to read a part 2. 🙂

I love you all~! ❤

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P.S. I'll post contest details tomorrow, good luck everyone! 🙂

Customers Are Really Annoying… | The Truth

Hello my lovely cat people!

So today I’m going to post about customers in food shops, since I have a job working in one. Feel free to leave your comments down below. 🙂

So during these holidays I’ve been having a lot of work shifts, which is great, because a). I LOVE my job and the people I work with and b). I get paid for it. 😀 And who doesn’t love money in our society? 😛

Anyway, we have to deal with a lot of customers daily and some of them aren’t as pleasant as the others. There are some who just want every single person working there to get something for them. If there are two people at the shop working, they would want two people to serve them. Like, that’s not right… I can understand if we ask for help from someone and it’s not too busy, but when there’s a crap ton of people wanting to buy food and you’re telling every free worker to serve you, that’s kinda wrong…

Also, customers who don’t tell you about allergies… Those are really annoying and scary because if they’re allergic to something and don’t tell you about allergies and then had a reaction… Let’s just say it’s not a pleasant feeling…

I also really REALLY don’t like the really rich grandmothers with their children who act like spoiled brats.. I’m sorry, but if you’re in your 70s and have a lot of money at least have the decency to treat the people who provide you with food some sort of respect instead of treating them like actual “low-life”. I find that so rude…

Small things really bug me too, like every time we clean up, there are always customers who end up buying a lot of food and creating a bigger mess than it already was! Then there are those ones who come in just when you’re about to close and you have to serve them… That is really annoying.

There are plenty of other things that annoy me about customers, but if I mention any more, I think I might be considered a bitch. 😛 I’m nice, I promise! 😀

That’s enough ranting for today… I love you all~! ❤

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My truth about New Year’s | The Truth

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Had no time at all to post this Wednesday, so instead you’re getting two posts today! How exciting!!

First of all, Happy New Year! Hopefully your 2015 will be even better than 2014, I certainly hope so..!

So, I think New Year’s is a great holiday – certainly my favourite. I mean, you gather around with your family and celebrate the end of a year and move on to a new one. It is basically an opportunity for a completely clean slate and I think it’s great. But I really hate it when people say, “New Year, New Me!” You’re not going to change just because it’s a new year. Sure, you can change certain aspects about yourself, for example, mine would be to be less lazy and more active. But you can’t actually change you, do you know what I mean?

It’s silly to think that just because a new year is starting you can become a completely different person. If you really hurt someone last year and say, “It’s the New Year, so I can start over,” it doesn’t mean that people who you hurt last year will forgive you easily. You can try, but please don’t come up to them and say, “I swear I’ve changed!” It’s only been a few days, so unless you are a magician and can work miracles, don’t come out with a statement like that…

Also, New Year’s kiss has become quite a tradition recently, hasn’t it? Sure, it’s nice to kiss someone who you really care about on the first minute of the new year, but I think that it can hurt some people. I mean, if you have just come out of a really good relationship that has lasted for a long time (2+ years), it would be really hard for you to see people kissing and stuff. So I’m not saying that kissing or showing affection is bad, I’m just saying that people should be more aware of who they are surrounded by and whether they will be able to “handle it”. I personally think that kissing should be more of a private thing, because I think it would be more enjoyable that way, but everyone is different.

Those two points I wanted to cover, but apart from that, New Year’s is amazing and I hope that you have spent it with your loved ones. 🙂

I love you all and Happy New Beginnings~! ❤

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Religion Destroys… | The Truth

Hello my lovely cat people!

It’s almost Christmas, how exciting! 😀 It’s already Christmas where I am and I’m looking forward to morning. 😛 If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then happy ‘whatever you are celebrating’. If you don’t do the whole Christmas/Hanukkah/etc. thing, then just have a great day in general. 🙂

Now, I don’t want to offend anyone with this post, but this is my opinion and I’ll try and voice it as nicely as possible, so I hope that most of you will be ok with this. Although, feel free to leave your opinions down below as well!

Religion is one of the powerhouses of our society. Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Catholic, or anything else, you have a set of rules to follow, like with any society really. Some, well most, of the rules I can understand – be a good citizen; don’t steal or murder; don’t be angry, envious, jealous, etc. That’s fair enough (although not always possible). But some of the other rules, such as the rule in the Catholic/Christian Bible that a RAPIST has a RIGHT to marry their victims; are just so insane to me, and the people that blindly agree with that just because God said so in a book, makes me and a lot of other people really upset.

I also find it stupid how most just blindly follow their religion, without considering other possibilities, or a “friendlier” option. I mean, for God’s sake, the Bible also says that masturbation is bad. From all the stuff we learn at school, the “medical” side of it says otherwise. It can release tension, get rid of headaches, and makes you more focused for the day. I really don’t see how something so beneficial can be considered a sin.

Other things, such as don’t get angry, love thy neighbor; are, in most cases, really hard rules to follow. I mean, you can’t be expected to be nice all the time – everyone has those moments where they need to vent out their emotions and just get it out of their system. And you can’t tell me that you never ever have or had a lazy day in your life. If you are, then you’d probably be lying more to yourself than me.

Honestly, religious people can only really prove their statements/beliefs through a book full of such rules, which isn’t really much proof at all if you think about it. For all you know, I could’ve written the Bible, me or any other human on the planet. If the Bible said that pigs could fly, would you still believe that even though you had evidence to justify against that? You probably would, since the Bible also states that if you sin, which I think is disagree with what the Bible is saying, then you are going to Hell.. You are not allowed room for error, and I find that so restricting!

So that is why I personally think Religion destroys and limits our abilities to do good things and be happy. There are many other factors that I think are bad also, but these are less “mainstream” to me, I suppose.

I already know that I’m going to Hell, so if you think you’re going to join me, click that like button. 😉 I’m kidding, but if you did like this post, you are more than welcome to do so. Other than that, have safe and enjoyable holidays and I’ll see you guys Friday!

I love you all~! ❤

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I Don’t Find the Internet That Mean… | The Truth

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Another Truth for you today, how exciting! Feel free to leave comments on the issue below. 🙂

So the internet has become a part of our daily lives, we use it for everything – from cooking recipes to watching online movies and TV shows. Of course, social media is an important aspect of the internet, as well as allowing us to connect with other people, it has become an influential part of society in that by “sharing” or “liking” something, someone’s life can change completely, either for the better or for worse. Of course, like with everything in our society, the internet can be bad, especially social media. If you put too much information about yourself online, like your exact address, your credit card numbers, who you’ve been with for the past year, etc, it can really backfire on you! People can get stalked, bullied and harassed, plus more.

I have had quite a lot of experience with the “interwebs”, mostly social media, with blogging being a new thing for me. I’ve had several YouTube channels, which didn’t end up going the way I planned, Twitter and Facebook accounts, plus a lot of other social media stuff. Most of the things said to me on those websites have been positive, very rarely have I received negative feedback or harassment. I know that I’m only one of the few people online who probably haven’t dealt with much hate, but the way I see it – the internet is a wonderful thing!

I mean, look at all the stuff we can do today because a few people decided to invent this whole world known as the internet! We can connect with old friends, share interesting stories, search for things for our school/university/work projects, etc. There are just so many possibilities! Of course, I’m not saying that internet can be a very bad thing for many people as they get bullied and maybe even commit suicide over something people say to them online. Whilst I find that understandable, I believe it can be easily stopped just by turning off your computer or phone, or simply deleting an account. However, with celebrities, or ever popular YouTubers, they have learned to deal with this hate that comes at them, simply by ignoring it. I find it kind of hopeful that all those mean comments or things people say about you online they wouldn’t necessarily come up and say to you in person, unless they really hate your guts or are plain stupid and rude.

So in my opinion, internet is mostly good, with a few malfunctions like with anything in life. Those malfunctions can be quite severe, but most of them are easily stopped. Really, what I’m trying to get at, don’t let a few anonymous, thus cowardly, bullies demean you online. You don’t even know who they are! Can you imagine what celebrities would be like if they took to heart every single mean thing a person in this world has said about them? That really would be screwed up, aye? Just treat yourself like a celebrity and don’t take those words to heart, unless it is constructive criticism that you can learn from.

I love you all~! ❤

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Feeling Emotional… | The Truth

Hello my lovely cat people!

So, on today’s Truth, I’ll be talking about emotions, specifically about the freedom to express them. Again, feel free to leave comments below about your personal experience and stuff, it’d be much appreciated. 🙂

Everyone has those days where they feel the need to express their true feelings. I’m talking about any kind of emotion: “crazy” fun; sad; angry; etc. But what really annoys me is how we as humans create stigmas or we can judge people because of the way they try to stay true to themselves. This especially backfires on men. Let me give you an example.

I was watching a video on YouTube the other day, it was more of an interview type thing, where several men were asked about what makes them cry. Personally, I don’t think this should be done at all. I feel like men are seen as weak or “girly” when they cry, which to me is ridiculous. Anyone is entitled to express themselves in any way they like, as long as it doesn’t hurt others or themselves. So why should men in particular be ostricised and “made special” for crying? Feeling sad or feeling so happy that you cry is normal and natural – everyone does it. You may not admit it to others, but you can’t tell me that you haven’t cried at least once in your life. If you do that, you’re only lying to yourself.

Men crying is seen as a rare thing, if ever seen at all, and I think that is wrong! I personally think that men crying is a good thing and shouldn’t be thought of as weak, incompetent, or any other kind of crap. It mean if men, or people in general, are crying in front of you, they are ok with expressing emotions in front of people, and these are the people you should stick to. This is because they are less likely to lie about how they are feeling, or pretend to be someone they are not. I think that’s what a lot of men are afraid of – being seen as someone who is not themselves.

Can you imagine what a chaos it would be if that same channel posted a video about what makes women cry? Because people would be like – women cry all the time, this is ridiculous! And that in itself is kind of sad. That would further tell us that women are more free to cry or to laugh or to express any other kind of emotion in front of someone. Well, it’s about time we change things, aye?

That’s all from me today, once again – let me know what you think! 🙂 I love you all~! ❤

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