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While you were sleeping

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Rape culture is when I was six, and my brother punched my two front teeth out. Instead of reprimanding him, my mother said “Stefanie, what did you do to provoke him?” When my only defense was my mother whispering in my ear, “Honey, ignore him. Don’t rile him up. He just wants a reaction.” As if it was my sole purpose, the reason six-year-old me existed, was to not rile up my brother. It’s starts when we’re six, and ends when we grow up assuming the natural state of a man is a predator, and I must walk on eggshells, as to not “rile him up.” Right, mom?

Rape culture is when through casual dinner conversation, my father says that women who get raped are asking for it. He says, “I see them on the streets of New York City, with their short skirts and heavy makeup. Asking for it.”…

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For Girls and Grief | Abigail Staub

This is such a great post! So well-written and really worth a read. Astounding, Abigail! 🙂


The first girl I ever kissed had a mouthful of luring words and veins full of Percocet.
I wore the potent perfume of pineapple vodka on my breath and wilted forward into her lap,
all curled up at the edges like a water-logged book.
We were perched on the end of a leather couch in someone’s basement and the television flickered and buzzed to mask the
piercing pounding of my heartbeat against the rib cage.
Her voice lilted softly in my ear, “Do you want to kiss me or not?” but my skinned, purple knees quivered as I questioned what people would think
when they saw me tangled up in the limbs of some Venus,
and not softly swallowing the saliva of a sweaty, calloused boy.
That was how it was supposed to be,
when you were sixteen with red lips and black stockings,
slurring empty proverbs to strangers.
Still, I…

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Letter to a Young Transperson

To anyone dealing with the same issues, this is can be extremely valuable and important to a lot of you. What a great and meaningful post!

Is it Level?

transphotoDear Me in Past Tense,

There you are, kneeling by the cardboard Barbie house dad made between jobs. You there, picking up the washrag upholstered furniture, aspiring to the talent to make a miniature couch out of packing foam, there are a few things I should tell you.

The first one you already know. That girl sitting next to you pulling the homemade plaid pants off of Barbie in favor of the cowboy dress is not only your sister, but your absolute best friend. You will be tempted to think you are in danger of losing her, but you shouldn’t. She is permanent.

The rest isn’t so clear.  It won’t ever be.  It doesn’t have to be.

You will feel like you are playing by a set of rules no one explained to you – sort of like kindergarten, when you couldn’t make the right handed scissors cut paper. You will correct yourself…

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Day 3: A letter to your parents

Hello my lovely cat people!

Sorry this is a day late, but anyway, here’s a short letter to my parents. Also, I apologise if this gets really emotional and deep for some of you, but this is my first, I guess, genuine and real letter about my honest emotions. So there you go… 😛

I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=


Dear Mum and Dad,

I am writing this to you because I know that I don’t say ‘I love you’ enough. I know I am not the best daughter in the world, and I know that I am very lazy and don’t help you guys enough. I don’t ‘appreciate’ things as much as you’d like me to. What I mean is, when you buy me nice things, I won’t do things around the house, I’d simply just say thank you and appreciate the things you do for me that way. Whilst that may not be enough for you, I really do mean it when I say it. 

You are the world to me and I would never get to where I am today without you. I really hope that you know that. We have had the best of times and I’m sure we will have plenty more.

This might not be the longest letter, but it really does express the way that I feel about you. 

I love you,

From Sasha. 

Writing Challenge: the Devil is in the Details

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