C is for ‘Carpophagous Clara’

Hello my wonderful cat people!

Here’s a quick little short story with the use of a fancy word that I found on this site. 😛


For anyone interested in cool-sounding words, this is a good link to use. 😀

Anywho, hope you enjoy this quick little story. I’m sorry if it’s a bit all over the place, I’m kinda tired, haha. 😛

I love you all~! ❤

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Before that day, Clara had never known of the word ‘carpophagous’. To any normal person, it would sound like some kind of slang, or maybe a dirty word for something. Clara wouldn’t know, of course. She was never interested in ‘big words’, and never really believed in higher education.

The first time, she heard it from a girl who was two grades below her.

“What did you say to me, pinhead?” Clara turned around to the girl with a head much smaller than her body.

“I-it doesn’t mean anything bad…” She kept staring at the ground as Clara’s eyes were peeling away her flesh with her gaze. “I only used it because you eat fruit all the time and that it would be a cool nickname to use…”

“Why didn’t you just say that in the first place?” Clara said, coming closer.

The girl didn’t respond. She just turned around and left, and at that moment, Clara hated her. She hated her because the girl seemed smarter than her for using fancy words Clara didn’t understand. And to this day, Clara never bothered to ask for her name. She called the girl ‘pinhead’ and all of her friends knew what she was talking about.

It didn’t take long for Clara to drop out of school then. She didn’t want to be as smart as that girl. She didn’t need to know that because she eats fruit, she needs to use the word ‘carpophagous’ to describe herself to others. Clara always felt content with using words that she knew and understood.

But one time, she started doubting herself. She started asking questions. What if I graduated with honours? She thought once. What if I could become a ‘Doctor of Philosophical Science’? Or what if I discovered a planet? What if I invented a word? Or a gesture? Or even a language?

She was sitting on her porch smoking a joint with her then boyfriend Alfred.

“Do you think I’m dumb?” she asked, taking a huge puff of smoke.

“What?” he extended his arm, and Clara gave him the joint.

“You heard me, Alf.”

“Where is this coming from?” Alfred was lying down on the wooden stairs and looking up at the sky. He chuckled a little as he explained how he saw a cloud that looked like a butt.

“I want to know if I made the right choices,” she said, asking him back for the weed.

“I dunno, depends who you ask,” he said, sitting up. “That girl you used to call pinhead would probably laugh and call you something smart. But you know I wouldn’t do that. I like you, Clara.” He leaned over and kissed her. He gently reached for the cigarette from her hand and Clara gave in. Alfred was the one kind of drug she would never want to give up.

“But what if I could be a doctor? Or a scientist? Or an engineer?”

“Who says you can’t?” Alfred sat closer to Clara, tugging her head into his shoulder.

“People… My parents.” Alfred pulled away and looked at her.

“Are they still pressuring you to go back to school?” Clara didn’t respond for a while, but soon gave a small nod. “It’s not their life to live. You choose what you want to do. Who cares if it’s just smoking weed in the backyard or if it’s studying for the final university exam? We all end up in the same ground anyway.”

Fast-forward 20 years later, where Clara broke up with her weed-smoking boyfriend and actually decided to go back to studying. She comes home to a husband, who sits in front of the couch watching the TV every night as Clara tends to their two screaming toddlers in the bedroom. She cooks dinner and cleans the house every day as the husband comes home from work, grabs a beer from the fridge, and positions himself in the living room for the rest of the night, growling orders at his wife.

Clara is still carpophagous, as well as many other things. But she is not what she wanted to be.

I should’ve listened to Alfred, she pondered, as she looked out the window and chuckled at a butt-shaped cloud.




B is for ‘Blurred Vision’

Hello my wonderful cat people!

Today, I wanted to share with you a short story that I’d written for my creative writing course last semester. It was something I had to submit at the end of the semester as an assessment piece, and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

P.S. Apologies for the delay, I had a lot of stuff to do yesterday and couldn’t submit it on time. But expect another post later today. 🙂


The wind rushed through the car window and hit my face with a pleasant force. Outside, the trees became a green blur as Jake and I kept driving along the highway. Music blasted at full volume and I could feel the bass and drums pounding from the back of my seat. I looked over and saw him, smiling and shouting out of his window. It was then, at that moment, that we were the happiest in our lives.

The sun set on the horizon, turning the sky into a picture, as if the clouds were painted on in single strokes, and the rest was filled in with an explosion of pink, orange, auburn, and blue. This world still had something to offer me after 22 years of being on it.

My phone vibrated, making me lose focus of the painting outside my window. I turned to Jake and asked him to keep the volume down as I put the phone to my ear.

“Hi mum,” my voice quickly turned airy. The sudden realization that I haven’t told her yet had dawned on me.

“How are you, Rachel?” she sounded so happy to hear me speak, I could almost see a smile on her face.

“I’m good, just listening to music and studying for history.”

“Up to anything fun this weekend?”

“No, nothing really. Might go out.” The sky didn’t seem as magnificent as a few moments ago. It only became a dull mix of paints. “Well, I’d better get back to studying now, I don’t want to fail my exam on Tuesday. Bye, mum. I love you!” I hung up before she could answer me back.

For the next few minutes, I drowned out the soft beats of music and only focused on the sound of my own thoughts.

“When were you planning on telling her, Rachel?”

“Jake,” I turned to look at his angered face. “Let’s have this conversation later.”

“Oh, sorry. Is now not a good time?” He spat his words at me, and I could feel myself shrinking into my seat. “When else were you going to tell your own parents, especially your mother, that their daughter had gotten married with her now husband and was heading off on a honeymoon for the weekend?” He slammed his hands onto the steering wheel, with drops of sweat dripping down his face.

I wanted to reply, but words kept getting stuck at the back of my throat. We both stared out the window, not paying attention to the trees that were losing their shape even more. I felt the cold caress of silver on my ring finger more than ever.

“I was going to tell her, Jake” I began, words finally coming out of my mouth in a hushed voice. “I just didn’t know how…”

“When will you stop with your pathetic excuses, Rach? I am tired of the constant lies you’re telling me! Why wouldn’t you tell your parents?” He paused to think for a moment. “Is it because of my past?” I still couldn’t answer.

The one thing I knew of his past, his involvement with drug dealers, was only thanks to me volunteering at the police station last summer. Of course, as soon as I told my mother that I was dating an ex-criminal who served his time, she couldn’t help but freak out. So it was easier to keep her from knowing about my new husband.

We kept driving in silence, and soon we reached a petrol station. By then, heavy dark clouds have spread over the clear sky, covering up the beautiful night lights, which kept me company during the awkward ride. Rain began pelting onto the car after a while. It, too, had kept me company and was talking to me more than my husband, who started driving again.

I wanted him to look at me, even once, before we got to our hotel. But he kept his cold gaze on the road, which I couldn’t see much of anymore. The rain continued to blind the windscreen, but Jake kept driving, faster and faster.

“I never wanted to marry you this quickly, you know,” his words almost echoed in the car. And I pretended I didn’t hear them. When he finally looked at me, he couldn’t notice that the car suddenly swerved off the wet road. It hit a tree with a vigorous force. In a matter of seconds, my body, and Jake’s, were pushed forward and slammed the airbags. After that? Black.


The first thing I remembered after waking up was seeing my mother sitting next to my hospital bed. She read a book as she regretfully told me how lovely her cup of tea was before the police called her. I wanted to turn to her, but the pain in my side reminded me that I couldn’t.

After a while, she stood, came over to my bed and towered over me, her long shadow cast to the back of the room. Her eyes suddenly sparked with anger and then, in a few brisk movements, her hand went up to the ceiling and came down with a sharp force. I felt a stinging pain in my right cheek, but I didn’t want to protest. Maybe I deserved it. She sat down again, and started reading silently beside me as I lay there, tears flowing down my face.

“I’m glad, honey,” she told me after a while, “I’m glad it was him and not you.”

A lazy kind of day. Also, a book review!

Hello my lovely cat people!

What better way to start off my holidays, than by lying in bed, reading, blogging, and listening to some amazing music, aye? It’s also been pouring down with rain, so that hasn’t made me motivated to get out of bed until 3. XD

But anyway, here I am, out of bed and ready to perform my intended functions as a human being again. Swell. 🙂

The book I am reading currently is ‘Remember Me’ by Christopher Pike. If you’ve heard of him, I think he did a vampire series called ‘Thirst’ also. I bought the book as a ‘3 in 1’ kind of deal, and I’ve finished the first book a little while ago.

The first book is set somewhat like a murder mystery, with Shari Cooper, the protagonist, dying at her friend’s party. And so her ghost-self is trying to figure out who did it to her and why, etc etc. So basically, this book is more for young adults.

To be honest though, I really didn’t like it. A murder mystery is supposed to end with the reader not expecting the twist/motive. But the motive was clear about 3/4 through, and then the author just didn’t “milk it to the end” enough. Also, I didn’t think that the killer was that unexpected. But that is just my opinion. 😛 I can’t tell you much more than that, because of spoilers, but if you’d like me to do a more extended review of this book, let me know. 🙂

Reading through the second book now, so maybe I’ll do a review of that one too, if you guys like this kind of thing, and if I end up finishing it. 😛

But other than that, that’s pretty much it. Let me know if you want more reviews like this. I love you all~! ❤

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Brisbane || Day ✌️

Hello my wonderful cat people!

So today I thought I would do my “sum-ups” a little differently, and write a little short story. Obviously, I tweaked the story a bit to make it more engaging, but Let me know if you like it in this “format”. 🙂

I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=


She woke up too early in the morning. Looking at the phone, which read “7:45”, she unwillingly got out of bed and grabbed a book. At this hour of the morning, the words seemed too jumbled, with other thoughts entering her mind.

The shower didn’t seem to help her much either. The weather was slightly too hot for her liking.

Having gone down for breakfast, the girl poured chocolate milk in a glass. The cool liquid trickling down her throat not only satisfied her thirst, but also seemed to cool her down a bit. 

“I like chocolate milk,” she thought to herself, and poured some more into a glass.

After breakfast, unwillingly, she thought she should practice for a performance, that was slowly creeping up on her day by day. Standing in front of a mirror, she practised patiently, and quietly. She didn’t want others to think she was crazy.

Practicing became too monotonous after a while, so the girl decided to grab her camera, and go for a walk. Taking photos seemed like a good idea at the time, but wearing black clothing had heated her up yet again, so she quickly decided to return home.

The rest of the day passed on quietly, with more reading, and a bit more sleeping involved. In the evening, she sat down to watch a funny film. However, sometimes, she would slap her forehead a bit too hard. 

Patiently awaiting dinner time, the girl decided to take some more photos of the beautiful lanterns in the garden, which she decides to share.  

She hopes that the food will be ready soon – her stomach had started to declare a war..

Taking advantage of the warm weather, the girl decided to sit outside and write. To write about her day, and the “mini-holiday” that was still ahead of her.

Hopefully tomorrow, she will wake up a little later. 

‘Document 1’ | Chapter 1

Hello my wonderful cat people!

So I have been working on this novel for quite some time, however, it is originally written in Russian. I thought it would be cool to share the translated version of half of chapter 1 with you all. If you guys like it, I can upload more 🙂 Also, I don’t have a title for this at the moment, however, if you have any suggestions, post them in the comments below, I would really appreciate it!

So here is the first half of Chapter 1 of this novel, I hope you all enjoy. I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=


Chapter 1. Raki.

For years now I have been locked up. For years I have not seen the light of day and I haven’t felt the sunrays’ warmth on my skin. It’s so lonely here… My only cellmates are a huge man with tattoos on all of his body and a woman, who cannot spend a single minute without her cigarette. Because of her, the whole cell constantly stinks of cigarette smoke.

And so for years I haven’t heard any birdsongs, and haven’t felt the wind’s cool breeze on my skin. I always wanted to go Outside. But everyone says that Outside, instead of having beautiful weather and hearing birdsongs, you can only hear war’s death and destruction. The screams of the dying are also heard, and those are all the bad things I’ve heard about this place in this hellhole. But I choose not to believe these rumours.

I have been locked up for 10 years, technically 9, but the jubilee is coming soon. And so is my birthday… 10 years ago, my only present was the exile to this Island. It is known as the Dark Island, but my friends and I choose not to pronounce its formal name, so we just refer to it as Island. My friends are the only ones who are saving me from turning into a psychotic criminal. I am already a criminal, but I am definitely not prepared for psychosis.

I was exiled here because my parents were accused of treachery of the Kingdom. They were executed right in front of me, after which it was decided that I should be sent to the Island, in order for people to “keep an eye on me”. But the only thing they are doing now is giving me tablets from becoming insane and taking me to a therapist, so that he can talk to me for 1 hour every 2 days a week. The therapist is nice though, we get along well. He always listens and has good advice for me. But that is his job, to listen to other’s problems. Maybe it will turn out that he doesn’t give a crap about me. Or maybe he just needs money to feed his family?

We are not allowed to be Outside, in the fresh air. But we are allowed to “go for a walk”. You can go to the gym, or get artificially tanned. I believe People tend to call them “Solariums”.

All this war and these fights are because of People. They wanted more, and so they decided to take over the Kingdom. They flew here on their ships and began to terrorize our homes and cities. Because of this, our men had to protect us. But many of them died, my uncle is one of them. People killed him… It’s all because of them… It’s because of this that my main goal is to end the existence of the Human race.

Like I said, my friends are the only ones in my life. The guy, Nate, isn’t bad, and we get along quite well. He has beautiful dark eyes and naturally blond hair. A good sense of humour is also evident, but can sometimes be inappropriate, especially in serious situations. But despite this, Nate can keep secrets, and is very trustworthy. Any girl would like to date him, but he won’t date them, because he has a lovely girlfriend, Carroll. Her and I are also best friends. I usually talk to her about cute guys on the Island, as well as discussing the latest fashion trends. You need to know what people Outside are wearing somehow. You always need to be ready.

Sometimes, I dream of escaping this place, and I have been dreaming of this for all the 10 years that I’ve been locked up here for. I really want to know what the earth feels like under my feet, breathe in the smell of grass, but this is impossible, there is no way to escape this place. The guards walk around every part of the Island here 24/7. There wouldn’t have been these kinds of measures if two idiots didn’t try to escape the Island a few weeks ago. Everything would have been fine if they got out in time. They were caught, and then locked up in their cells forever. They can’t even go out of the cells. I feel sorry for the Garilli brothers, but what can you do, they did it to themselves.

From then on, the government took serious measures. There are now CCTV cameras in every corner of this place (they even managed to put one in the bathrooms! I wouldn’t be surprised if some guard would be “enjoying the moment”…), made the walls sound-proof, and called all the windows. But I have found a place where I can appreciate the life Outside. There is a small hole near my cell. From there, I like to watch the sun rise and set, and also, nearly every night, I like to look at the night sky and the bright moon. I’ve never told anyone about this place, because someone would have closed it off long ago. But I can dream about the places I could spend my time in this way…

Before the war, there were 5 cities, which lived together peacefully. Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Metal. All of them had citizens, which inherited one of the talents from those cities. Creatures living in the city of Air had become famous for a great sense of humour. Nate, for example, came from this town. Creatures from the city of Earth were the most trustworthy and loyal to the Kingdom, which is why they agreed to help the whole nation first. Creatures from the city of Fire were quick to anger and did not have any sense of patience, but their quick decisions and anger made them useful in critical situations. The Creatures from the city of Water were the opposite, they were calm and peaceful. They were the last ones to join in the war with Humans, because they think that all conflicts can be solved in a peaceful way. But I have no idea how this can be possible. Humans attacked their homes, their land, they killed their families, for God’s sake! And they want to talk to the enemies instead. Maybe soon enough they’ll start drinking tea and eating scones.

University plans and struggles

Hello my wonderful cat people!

I have been applying for quite a few universities recently, and the application process is really horrible… It takes so long just to register on the website and find the courses you want to do, but then you have to pay for the application as well, which takes such a long time…… I don’t have enough patience for these kinds of things, unfortunately. XD

But exciting times are ahead, everyone, and I am finally applying for a course, which I am really passionate about, which is acting! I am so excited to be taking it on the mainland instead of here, because there are so little opportunities available… But I believe that the universities that I am applying to will provide me with many opportunities to grow as an independent person, and as an actress.

The only problem with one of the universities I’ve applied for is that I have to do a live audition, which is stressful in itself, but it is also stressful, as it is only a few days after most of my exams finish, which doesn’t give me much time to prepare… However, I want to be confident in my performances, so I’ll start early and work on it over the holidays, and hopefully, I’ll be able to get in.

I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

B is for Buttons | A-Z Challenge

Hello my lovely cat people!

I thought I would provide you with a short story today, which I hope you will all enjoy. 🙂 Let me know what you think and I love you all~! ❤

MEOW! =^.^=

PS. This was written when I was really tired, so if anything doesn’t make sense, I blame my high stress levels over the course of the past two weeks.. 😀


Eric Buttons. Regular man of 23. Studying in the Oxford University in England.

What makes Eric Buttons so interesting? What differentiates him from every other man or woman on this planet? More specifically, in England. As far as he was concerned, his life was ordinary – it included going to lectures, studying and occasionally meeting up with friends.  But his life was not meaningful. His parents, despite living far away, tell him how proud they are of him, but how could they be when all he has done was get accepted into a prestigious university for an English degree. He wasn’t changing the world for the better, making a difference.

He looked at other people out there, the ones that are really trying to do something to change the fact that there is extreme poverty in Third World countries; the fact that there is no real equality between men and women; the fact that so many men and women and children are dying in wars over money and power. Eric Buttons felt like he was doing nothing to help himself or the world around him.

But he wanted to change. He wanted to change for the better. He wanted to prove to himself and others that he can do whatever he sets his mind to. He wanted to show the world of the greater good that he was capable of.

Eric Buttons. Regular man of 23. Studying in the Oxford University in England. With ambitions for a better world; with ambitions for his own future and the future of so many others; with the ambitions of a world where there is no poverty, no oppression towards anyone, and there is no war between any nation, no matter how big or small. We are part of a large community, a community that needs to support each other through difficult times.

This change that needs to be brought about… It starts with you. And Eric Buttons was one of the most regular men who has realised the importance of initiative and the need for the world to change.