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C is for ‘Carpophagous Clara’

Hello my wonderful cat people! Here’s a quick little short story with the use of a fancy word that I found on this site. 😛 For anyone interested in cool-sounding words, this is a good link to use. 😀 Anywho, hope you enjoy this quick little story. I’m sorry if it’s a bit all… Continue reading C is for ‘Carpophagous Clara’

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A lazy kind of day. Also, a book review!

Hello my lovely cat people! What better way to start off my holidays, than by lying in bed, reading, blogging, and listening to some amazing music, aye? It’s also been pouring down with rain, so that hasn’t made me motivated to get out of bed until 3. XD But anyway, here I am, out of… Continue reading A lazy kind of day. Also, a book review!